The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 15

Sunday, 28th October

Walking 28/10/07

A look at the sunset towards the west.

Yet another late walk into the night; however, the weather wasn’t too bad for walking, just needing to wear the regular covering.

Total distance – 5879 steps, 4.70km

Monday, 29th October

Walking 29/10/07

Smoke from a housefire off in the distance. It was a planned burn by one of the local fire departments.

Again, I went walking after 5pm, and as I was walking through the park, I got a call from my mom who said that she was seeing smoke. As it turned out, I wound up seeing the same fire, which caused the smoke above.

Total distance – 6352 steps, 5.08km

Tuesday, 30th October 2007

Walking 30/10/07

Pardon the blurriness, but it is hard to take a handheld timelapse of a train passing slightly after dark. 🙂

Yet another day, yet another after-dark walk. The biggest problem with walking after dark is that you start to lose visibility, even with a light on. It’s not so bad on the road, but back in the forest, it can be a bit disorienting and confusing.

Total distance – 5434 steps, 4.34km

Wednesday, 31st October

Walking 31/10/07

With all the leaves cleared out, you can see the path that doubles as one of the holes for the disc golf course.

I actually did one and a quarter walks as I had the opportunity to do some walking after I was done with my appointments at the mental health clinic. I wound up walking a good distance before I got picked up for the ride home (and no, my ride didn’t get lost in finding me, I explained where I was 😉 ) – that was, according to the distance measuring tool on Google maps, just over 1km. The regular walk was a slightly more mundane event, with the only interesting event being meeting up with our mailman while he was out walking, followed by hearing some guy shooting something in a field not too far from the road.

Total distance (excluding first walk) – 5962 steps, 4.76km

Thursday, 1st November

Walking 1/11/07

See all that grass? Say goodbye to it… 😉

Using a bit of forethought, I decided to go ahead and walk a bit earlier – around 4 pm, instead of the slightly later walks I’d been taking. I then realized that because daylight saving was ending, the sun, as low as it was at 5, would be that low at 4 come this weekend. More reason to actually get out and walk during the day again…

Total distance – 6239 steps, 4.99km

Friday, 2nd November

Walking 2/11/07

Bye-bye grass 😉

I went walking earlier so that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the walk in after driving. I also decided to head up towards the parking lot to see how the winter preparations were going along in the park. As I got over the hill that led down towards to the direct route to the parking lot, I noticed that all the grass was level. I then see this monstrous lawnmower come through the opening from the parking lot. Clearly the preparations involve clearing all the grass 🙂

Total distance – 6316 steps, 5.05km

Saturday, 3rd November

Walking 3/11/07

This is the scene I arrive at almost every day when I get to the bottom of a hill on the “main” route for my walking, the only difference being that the grass is gone.

On the last day of daylight saving, I decided to do one last after 5:30 pm walk. It was really chilly, and about halfway through the walk, I started to see the breath in my light. Considering that it is getting towards winter, I’m thinking that walks around noon will begin to be the norm… 😉

Total distance – 5110 steps, 4.08km

In other news, I went for my first appointments at the mental health clinic on Wednesday. It was a good experience, with me not nervous at all. I don’t know if that had something to do with the person from the billing department being dressed up as a “cereal killer” or not, but I think it helped. I then sat down, read for a bit and was called in for my therapist appointment. That lasted for an hour, and we have the first few appointments set up already, going into December. I then saw the doctor, and we discussed my medication and I got signed up for an assistance program so that I can get some possibly free medicine directly from the manufacturer 🙂

As far as how I’ve been doing with other things like time management, I’m doing fairly well with that, along with starting to do something where I go through my blogs for commenting and mark off that I commented on a simple legal pad, marked out with 10 squares for each of the blogs that I comment on. My goal for every day is to mark off all 10, and on Friday, I marked them all off, and started to mark across the line again 🙂

This week, I’m going to set a bit of a vanity goal for myself – actually watch a movie; I haven’t done it in ages, and I’ve got a few that are just sitting there calling out for me to watch them…I have to do it 😉 Also, with the driving, I want to work on some of the things that you’ll likely only do in a driving test – such as a y-turn and possibly parallel parking. However, I know that it’s going to be slightly more difficult as it’s dark now around 5:30 pm.

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