The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 17

I’m using some perogitive here and changing up the walks wrap up. Instead of my putting notes about the walk (which really are boiling down to, it’s cold outside and I’m wearing three layers 😉 ), I’m going to stick to photos and their descriptions, with the distances. If something unusual does happen, I’ll note it. Hope y’all don’t mind. 🙂

Sunday, 11th November

Walking 11/11/07

Pardon the blurriness, but time exposure shots handheld are kind of difficult, even though I’ve learnt a new trick to increase stability while holding the camera. However, the effect on this shot is cool – you should be able to see the reflection off of some of the cars in the passing carrier. 🙂

Total distance – 5699 steps, 4.55km

Monday, 12th November

Walking 12/11/07

These trees can cause me some confusion from time to time because when the wind passes through them, it sounds like it’s starting to rain. Of course, it’s just the leaves blowing around, and I probably should be less paranoid… 😉

Total distance – 5374 steps, 4.29km

Tuesday, 13th November

Walking 13/11/07

A look from further back at the trees above, however in the background you can see the lights of an approaching train. It turned out to be a container train, likely loaded with products coming from overseas. I would guess that there were other types of cars on the end, but I didn’t see those as I kept going after taking a couple of pictures.

Total distance – 4790 steps, 3.83km

Wednesday, 14th November

Walking 14/11/07

This plane kind of surprised me as it wasn’t flying any higher than about 400 feet; thus I actually got a halfway decent picture of it, and not out of focus. Now, just if the light was better… 🙂

By the way, in case you’re wondering about these low step totals, I am walking the same route I have been walking, but I think I’ve been interfering with the pedometer’s freedom to count. It might just be a situation where I might need to find a different place to put it.

Total distance – 4392 steps, 3.46km

Thursday, 15th November

Walking 15/11/07

A look through the trees at the setting sun, which now sets more towards the Southwest since it’s up in the sky for a shorter time of the day. As I was walking out of the park, I spotted a car pulling to the side of the road by the gate; as it turned out, it was someone walking his dog. All’s well that ends well in this case 🙂

Total distance – 4560 steps, 3.64km

Friday, 16th November

Walking 16/11/07

Ah, another attempt at the handheld shot. I went walking later than normal because of my volunteering commitments, and didn’t make it much past this point; I hardly slept overnight because I had caffeine; however, I did go out for a short walk after I got back, even though I was really tired.

4:19pm – 2359 steps, 1.88km
5:27pm – 4113 steps, 3.29km
end of day – 5288 steps, 4.23km

Saturday, 17th November

Walking 17/11/07

No points for guessing the substance here. 😉 It’s snow; our first small snowfall of the year, though it didn’t stick to much other than the car in the driveway. I did manage to get a decent length walk in though. 🙂

Total distance – 4536 steps, 3.62km

In other news, I had my first full appointment with the therapist on Monday; there wasn’t too much new information learnt about myself, however this week we’re going to look at one of the things that I have a tendency to do.

With a scant 2+ weeks until my driving test, I’m becoming more comfortable with my driving skills. Once again, I had the opportunity to drive home from my volunteering and took it (actually, I got to the car first, so the choice was pretty easy). I also had the chance to drive the car on my own (granted, it was over a total distance of about 100 feet; baby steps, hehe 😉 ), and got some practice handling parking stalls. Also, I had the opportunity to drive in the rain yesterday. I did not know this, but if you put the rear defroster on, it will clear the back windscreen of water that has accumulated (though my idea of cleaning the back at the gas station worked decently for about a minute).

This week is Thanksgiving week, so I know that I won’t be volunteering on Friday (the office is closed); I’m need to get in some of the “fine” skills practice – i.e. parallel parking and y turns – this week; I need to speak up about that because there’s a chance we could have a snowstorm on Thanksgiving day, which is fine because the Packers are playing anyway 🙂