The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 18

Going straight into it again πŸ˜‰

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Sunday, 18th November

Walking 18/11/07

Some more of the wind damage that had happened in the park; this tree is laying over the main trail. I’d venture to guess that it will be cleared up sometime next spring, unless someone walking past it decides to sort it out on their own.

Total distance: 5375 steps, 4.30km

Monday, 19th November

Walking 19/11/07

This picture really sums up the day – gray and foggy. It wasn’t the most pleasant conditions outside, but at least it wasn’t icing over.

Total distance: 5086 steps, 4.06km

Tuesday, 20th November

Walking 20/11/07

Here’s one of the horses taking an interest in me walking past. πŸ˜‰

Total distance: 5507 steps, 4.40km

Wednesday, 21st November

Walking 21/11/07

Another flash shot of fun here. The two dots toward the lower left of the picture is one of the horses from the paddock. The white specks are the snow that fell.

Total distance: 4532 steps, 3.62km

Thursday, 22nd November

Walking 22/11/07 A Walking 22/11/07 B Walking 22/11/07 C

A trinity of snow pictures from the first snow of the year. On the left is a shot of the road and the field that has the horses, with plenty of snow along the side of the road. Next is a shot of the pine trees with snow sitting on the branches, and finally, the park with snow all over the open areas. Interestingly, in the park, there was quite a bit of the area where the snow had been cleared in the forest, but when I got into a leaf-covered area, the snow was still there.

Total distance: 3805 steps, 3.04km

Friday, 23rd November

Not Walking 23/11/07

I didn’t go for a walk today, but rather quite a lengthy drive. We had to go into the city for an appointment, and I said that I was going to drive. Although it was Black Friday, the traffic by around noon wasn’t too bad, and it was easy to get around in the city. I also took the opportunity to find where I was going to take the driving test and did a little bit of driving around the area before we headed for home.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, obviously I wasn’t driving when I took this picture. πŸ˜‰

Saturday, 24th November

Walking 24/11/07

This is a look at the path that I’d usually pass along, but I have to admit that I’m not 100% confident in walking in the boots I got. I went out on them on Monday, and I need to get a shoelace or something to tie them up, and the zippers on them wouldn’t stay up for very long when I was walking. Also, it kind of felt like I was wearing concrete boots on my feet. Oh well, I’ll get used to them soon enough πŸ™‚

Total distance: 3755 steps, 3.00km

In other news, the counseling is going well. I have to read up on a couple of options I have for treatment called EMDR and HMR. From what the therapist has said, both of these options have proven very effective, even if it does make you sleepy after you do a session of it.

My driving test is only one week away, and I have to say that my confidence is growing. On Friday, as I had mentioned, I found out where the testing location is; it looks like some decent roads in the area. I also got some advice about common ways that people fail their tests such as not checking mirrors often enough and also stopping before a sidewalk when you’re coming to stop sign. Also, I got a great tip for practising the parallel parking – use a trashcan or a witch’s hat (or cone or bollard) to mark the location of a potential car.

The big task for me this week will be getting some posts pre-written for the blog, as I am setting a goal of having a week prewritten so I can focus on other things, such as getting out there and commenting on blogs. Also, we should be getting a proper phone again this week; for the last two weeks we’ve not had regular phone service as the phone number we have has been transferred to our new phone service. Luckily we’ve been able to dial into voicemail to get messages.