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A while ago, I talked about a game called Within A Deep Forest. As it did happen to be, the author of that particular exploration game has authored a couple more games. They’re related to each other, but the goal of one is different to the goal of the other.



Knytt is a simple game where you control a little character who can make a lot of varied moves, including climbing up and down walls. He can also have some special actions if you find the codes; they make the game more challenging, but somewhat easier as well.

The basic story of the game is that you have been abducted from your planet and taken to another planet in a broken spaceship. To get home, you have to find the pieces of the ship and get it back together. There are a lot of areas to explore, and if you just go around finding the pieces, you miss out on a lot of the experience. It’s a great game, and one definitely worth checking out – it’s also not the hardest game out there 😉

Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories

This is an offshoot of the first game, Knytt Stories is focused on someone who may be related to Knytt called Juni. In this game, you have a variety of different stories to play around with. The goal to the game is to complete the story that is set out in the beginning of the game. However, Juni doesn’t have the skillset of Knytt; you have to search out the power-ups for her.

You can download a whole bunch of add on levels for the game, but even just the included level is both challenging and has excellent music in it. This is one of those games that is perfect for a break when you need to have one. 🙂

If you need help with the first story of Knytt Stories – The Machine – you can check out the series of videos that starts with this one, done by a fellow who calls himself Deceased Crab – he’s the same dude who did the walkthrough of Within A Deep Forest.

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  1. It does look quite similar to Commander Keen – I’d never heard of it, but found this fansite –

    I’d think that the major differences between the two would be that the music is probably much better in Knytt – no offense to CK, but I can’t imagine a DOS game having such relaxing music 😉

    Also, Knytt isn’t a scroller – you move from screen to screen.

    Thanks 🙂

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