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At the end of my post about passing my driving test, I mentioned the possibility of some news about a car. Then, in the comments I made mention of it possibly including heated leather.

We didn’t have an appointment at the dealership we wound up at, but  we were given a contact to speak about concerning a car. Of course, I had checked into this particular dealership before we went down there, and found out that they specialize in selling what are very high end cars – such as Jaguars. In fact, as you walked into the building, you could tell that they were a site of elegance.

After rounding one corner, there was a flatscreen TV playing ESPN in HD, and then a further walk towards the customer lounge revealed the kids’ area where they had another widescreen TV playing SpongeBob on Nickelodeon (though I will note that they had it in the wrong aspect ratio, but it did seem right…).

Anyway, just as a guide to  the quality of cars they had in their showroom, here are a couple of photos I snapped while waiting for the person we were meeting.

To be honest, I’m not totally sure of what the exact model this is, but it is definitely a car you’d want in your driveway. At least when it’s warm 😉

I think it’s a Jaguar convertible…nice!

I also grabbed a picture of the interior of one of the cars in the showroom. As you can see, there was nothing lost in the details here – even the included GPS was there. 🙂

Ever seen the inside of a Jaguar?

It wasn’t long after we started to ogle these cars that our contact came back with the information we were after.

Really, it was probably the shortest visit to a car dealership that actually involved a vehicle (I’ve been to dealerships for maybe three minutes in the course of picking up some stuff from a radio promotion before). Within about 15 minutes we were in and out of the dealership, and something very cool had happened.

No, we didn’t walk away with one of the Jaguars on the showroom floor, but we did drive home with a really nice car.

And it didn’t cost us a single penny – it was paid for in full, all that was required was signing the papers and then driving away. Literally, sign and drive (though as Volkswagen are promoting, it was really sign then drive 😉 ).

Now, for some obvious reasons (such as maintaining my anonymity – something that you are probably aware that I hold close to myself), I’m not going to tell you the precise make and model, or the dealership we got it from.

All I will say is this – I have more options for my freedom than I had just three days ago. I have the option to drive one of two cars that are sitting in the driveway right now. In fact, if I was so inclined, I could unlock the doors on the “new” car right now; I have my own remote keyless entry keyfob.

There’s a really cool feature to this car where if I press my unlock key, it will do some really cool things to the configuration of the car saving me a ton of time. All I have to do is get in, start the engine, turn on the heated seats, let the car warm up and drive off.

Now, how’s that for a reward for getting my license (and a lot of the other things I’ve been doing)? 😀

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