Fun with WordPress (Not!)

As you may know already if you’ve gone to your WP dashboard, there is a new version of WordPress available. As with all the x.x.x releases, it’s a security patch to a previous version, and it’s recommended that you upgrade to it as soon as possible.

I have to say that I’ve done an upgrade of WordPress once. It didn’t go too well because, at the time, the instructions weren’t well-written. Fortunately, they have amended the instructions to include a very important step to do before attempting to upgrade – turning off your plugins.

Before I launched the site on this domain, I had a test site, which was originally installed to 2.2; I had done some dabbling with it – not a lot though, and in the time between I had started it up and when I really started to play with it, version 2.3 was released. I figured I might as well guinea-pig an upgrade and see how it went. So, I go to the instructions, follow them as they were written, and then the worst thing happens – the whole site was completely white!

Not a single thing showed up – not even the upgrade page you’re supposed to go to after installing the upgrade. For a while I panicked because I knew something went wrong, so I had some checking done and I could restore a backup, fortunately, so I was back on 2.2.

Then, I checked out the extended upgrade instructions, and then right there in front of my face was the instruction that would have saved my hide the first time – 4. Deactivate ALL your Plugins. Needless to say, I was slightly annoyed at that – since I didn’t see it in the basic instructions; an item that you would think they’d have had jumping up and down at you.

So, I went ahead and did it by the book, and – as if some magic wand was waved – the upgrade worked perfectly and I was rolling along with 2.3. So, now it is time for me to do the upgrade again – first I’m going to do it on the test site (where I’m also doing some testing for a theme I’m working on editing to make look awesome), and then, if that goes well, I’ll do it over here sometime during the week. 🙂