So this is Christmas

It’s been the quietest Christmas day around here ever – I’m by myself this year, and am keeping myself entertained by watching some videos I’ve downloaded – a little bit later on, I’m going to watch one or two movies, and tuck into my chicken dinner, which will likely not taste right thanks to me kind of getting the wrong wine…a red, not a white…I’m still learning 😉

As it is, I had to head out to a store to pick up a corkscrew for the bottle that I had gotten yesterday – thankfully Walgreen’s was open today, so I picked one up for $4 – and a book of stamps. I also went out to get some gas earlier. Yeah, I’m sounding quite domestic, eh? 😉

Anyway, here’s to you having had a good Christmas wherever you are – even if you’re in the land of it being tomorrow already, with people on a cricket pitch bowling at each other, and masses heading to the stores for the Boxing Day sales. 🙂