The dreaded flashing light

Ever since we got our new phone system set up, one big change to how it works is the notification of a new voicemail. When someone leaves a message, the first way that you can tell there’s one waiting is that the light on the phone charger will flash. Also, when you turn turn the handset on, there will be a pulsing of the dial tone to act as an aural notification for you to check your messages.

So, yesterday, a call came through and they left a message – I didn’t listen to the whole message on the first time I rang up the voicemail number, hanging up halfway through it instead of selecting save, delete or replay. Apparently, this didn’t clear the message notification light – the dialtone notification did go off though.

Then I go ahead and listen to all the messages in the mailbox (there were a couple that I could clear out anyway as they were old), including the new one that triggered the light in the first place, and tell it to save the message. The light was still flashing. Even putting the phone back on the base and taking it off again didn’t help the situation.

About the only solution that I haven’t tried yet is to call the phone, drop a sample message and then see if that clears the situation – even pausing notifications didn’t work, and I have to say, after a day of the light flashing, it has gotten quite annoying. However, I have gotten better at just ignoring it and looking at the phone to see if I missed any calls while I may have been away from it. πŸ™‚

YES! Lesson for modern phones like the one we have – if you have a stuck message light – simply drop a quick message from another phone (I used a clip of music – Sin Sin Sin to be particular as it was the song currently queued up in Winamp and the cricket stream has failed), listen to it, and delete it. Then the darned light will stop flashing incessantly. At least until you get another message… πŸ˜‰