The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 20

This was the week where winter finally came to fruition. However, that doesn’t mean the pictures aren’t interesting 😉

Sunday, 2nd December

Walking 2/12/07

These were my footsteps onto the trail in the park. I only made it a short distance in there before deciding to turn back. Fortunately, the surface wasn’t too bad for the walk, but that would not stay the same for very long. We got about 5 inches of snow, but then some of it melted when it got above freezing and then started to rain. After the rain finished, it started to snow once again.

Total distance: 2098 steps, 1.67km

Monday, 3rd December

Walking 3/12/07 A Walking 3/12/07 B Walking 3/12/07 C

For the first time this winter, here are the turkeys. Here are a couple of little known facts – first is that they can perch in trees, at least temporarily. Then they fly down so that they can cross the road. There were about 15 of them and they would cross the road in groups of two or three until they were all across. I’m not sure to where exactly they were headed though. I made it to the park entrance, but didn’t go in since the surface was very slippery and hard.

Total distance: 1478 steps, 1.18km

Tuesday, 4th December

I didn’t take an “official” walk, but I did keep track of my steps for most of the afternoon after coming back from my driving test. I also didn’t take any photos, and I did take a small walk down the road when I went out to get the mail.

Total distance: 1952 steps, 1.56km

Wednesday, 5th December

Walking 5/12/07

We had more snow again, so my walk consisted mostly of shoveling a bit of the driveway so that I had a path down to the road and the mailbox. In the course of that, I also did a bit of cleanup on the road, pushing the shovel quite a distance along the road in order to clear away the snow from the white line which marks the outside of the lane. When I went back later to get the mail (this is when I took the picture), the snow had already drifted a bit of my path shut, so I went back to work at cleaning more of it away.

Total distance: 1627 steps, 1.30km

Thursday, 6th December

I didn’t do a full walk again, but I did a bit of walking around – including doing some more work cleaning the driveway (which included doing a bit of shoveling to see if it was possible to park 2 cars in the space we currently have). I did put on the counter though.

Total distance: 1122 steps, 0.89km

Friday, 7th December

Walking 7/12/07

I went for the full walk, but it didn’t quite go as planned. I got to the entrance of the park (just past these trees), and went for the entrance, got to the gate, and decided to turn back – the conditions in the snow was just not safe enough to continue, as in I was barely making steps, and there was no stability in the snow, and, to make matters slightly more interesting, I could still see the indentations left from my walk on Sunday, even though we had a bunch more snow on top of it.

Total distance: 2526 steps, 2.02km

Saturday, 8th December

Walking 8/12/07

Something I’d have thought would have been going around by now are the snowmobiles. As you can see here, there’s a single track in the snow. As I was walking back around the corner, after having gone about 3/4th of the way up the hill toward the park entrance, I saw one heading towards where I was standing to take this picture.

Total distance: 2057 steps, 1.64km

In other news, obviously the biggest news was the successful passing of my driving test. I was not expecting to get a car, but as the person who gave this to me said, they’ve noticed a big change in my life, and that I had turned a corner in my life. I have my weekly therapist appointment as usual tomorrow, and it is proving very worthwhile to have someone to talk to about the issues in my world. We also talk about some more offbeat topics, such as the quality of produce at local grocery stores; the hour seems to fly right by for me. :)I also have an appointment on Wednesday with the doctor to do a checkup on my meds and to see how I’m doing on them; I am doing quite well with them, and the current dosage I’m on is a good dosage to keep on.

This week, there’s quite a bit of work to do with clearing the snow (still), and I am getting ready to go on my first big car trip as a driver – it’s in a couple of weeks, and the destination (at least for me) isn’t terribly exciting – Orchard Field near Chicago – it should be an interesting experience (especially if I want to be cheap and skip driving on the tollway and take the surface streets – over the last 10 or so years, they’ve gone from 40¢ per plaza to upwards of $1.50). I’ll have more on that as it approaches, and probably some pictures from the trip – when I’m in the passenger seat, of course! 😉

Also, I notice that this is volume 20 of the walks update – it’s hard to believe that I’ve been walking almost every day now for 5 months!