The week in Walks, etc. Vol 21

Now, with larger thumbnails! šŸ˜‰

Sunday, 9th December

Walking 9/12/07

It seems that the first casualty of all the snow has been the smile on our face in the tree. I bet come spring, it will come back again (or at least when the snow melts enough for the ground to be visible again)

Distance – 2969 steps, 2.37km

Monday, 10th December

Walking 10/12/07

As hard as it is to believe, we actually had a cloudy day in winter. Here, you can see a train approaching in the fog, with just the lights visible. I should note that the fog cleared a bit later in the evening.

Distance – 2444 steps, 1.95km

Tuesday, 11th December

(Not) Walking 11/12/07

As another storm belted the area, I went outside a couple of times, mostly to clean the car off which was in the driveway (probably because I’m babying it still šŸ˜‰ ), and I also did go down to get the mail, but the road was in no condition to safely walk along. Nevertheless, I did have the pedometer on to count…

Distance – 334 steps, 0.24km

Wednesday, 12th December

Walking 12/12/07

Remember the lone snowmobile track previously? Well, they’ve been out in full force since then. Here, you can see quite a few tracks along with the setting sun in the southwestern sky. I didn’t do any touching up to the picture other than to resize it.

Distance – 2058 steps, 0.97 miles (1.65km)

Thursday, 13th December

Walking 13/12/07

I was going to crop this picture to get closer on the horses, but I think that just resizing the photo gets creates a sense of space that would have been lost if I did do some cropping. The horses are on the far side of the little grazing area they have and right by their paddock.

Distance – 2814 steps, 2.25km

Friday, 14th December

Walking 14/12/07

Here goes one of those snowmobilers – they were actually on the trail, which is somewhat of a minor miracle – though they are good about staying on the trail, but for quite a few, one person going off of the trail can be an annoyance (admittedly I’m not too keen on them going off of the trail, but I’ve come to accept it).

Distance – 2082 steps, 1.66km

Saturday, 15th December

(Not) Walking 15/12/07

Well, yet another snowfall has hit the area, and although the road isn’t too bad, I was busy doing other stuff and didn’t get a chance to get out there until after 4pm, and again, I determined it wasn’t safe enough to go out to walk. I also forgot to put the pedometer on to count the steps down to the mailbox, and back…

In other news, I had my appointment on Wednesday and I drove over there successfully, and even got a nice parking spot relatively close to the building. I left with a full three-month supply of my meds, and an appointment set for three month’s time. My counseling appointment for this week is an hour later than last week’s, but that is no big deal – in fact, I might even be driving over there on my own; at night.

Other than that, it’s been relatively quiet around here, except for the preparations for the trip down to Chicago at the end of the week; the plans are coming together for that, and tentatively, I should be starting out the driving and then changing drivers at the state line.

Also, I found that the battery for my pedometer is dead – I’ll have to go out to see if I can find a new battery for it (or just buy a new one if that’s cheaper – which is what I will guess is the case). Actually, I just tried to reseat the battery, and it works again…go figure. šŸ˜‰