The week in Walks, etc. Vol 22

I have to admit something – winter is a drag to walk in – with the snow falling as it did, I can’t get into the park safely (if it all fell at the same consistency and didn’t do the partial thaw-then-freeze routine, it’d be better). The days are getting longer now though, so not all is bad. 😉

Sunday, 16th December

Didn’t do a serious walk for the day, and didn’t wear the pedometer.

Monday, 17th December

Walking 17/12/07

The setting sun looks over the horse paddock, where you can see all the tracks they’ve left in the snow over the last day or two. I think part of these shots when the sun is actually out (did you know that December is, on average, the cloudiest month of the year here?) really shows off the beauty of the winter.

Total distance: 2007 steps, 1.60km

Tuesday, 18th December

Walking 18/12/07

Now, here is one spot I would never get to in the summer – this is about 1/4 mile off of the road on the snowmobile trail. The groomer had gone through on Monday night, so I figured that the trail would be safe to walk – I was right, only sinking into the snow a couple of times (and that was sinking in maybe an inch or two – I wouldn’t have even considered trying to walk in the areas that weren’t groomed).

Total distance: 2011 steps, 1.60km

Wednesday, 19th December

Walking 19/12/07

The walk was a mall walk, and this was taken with a new camera that my mom got for a birthday present from a relative of mine. In one of our local malls, there’s a clubhouse store for the Brewers. As you can see, they’re darn smart – No discounts to Cubs fans. Right on bros! 😉

Ironically, they’re selling something made by the Cubs’ current radio announcer Pat Hughes – a CD tribute to his former co-commentator when he worked with the Brewers in the 80s and 90s – Bob Uecker. If you want more info, check out the Baseball Voices site. 🙂

Total distance: 4419 steps, 3.53km

Thursday, 20th December

I flubbed this one up; I had started to go out for my walk, when I checked the mail (which I usually do just to see what comes). A piece of mail had come which we had been waiting for and wanted to get handled with some expedience, so I went back to the house. We then went to go and handle the check, and by time we had gotten back, it was dark…

Total distance: 413 steps, 0.33km

Friday, 21st December

Walking 21/12/07

Well, I’d have the distance I walked at the airport, but of course, that didn’t quite go to plan. 😉

However, it wasn’t that long of a walk after all – we had parked reasonably close to the entrance to the terminal, and since you can’t go past security anymore, didn’t even go past the check-in counters. We had to go up two levels because hourly parking at the airport is on the ground level, baggage claim is on the second level and check in is on the third level. I have to say that the first two levels were much nicer than the third.

The whole day it had been foggy, and when I went out to walk, it was about at its worst of the day – this is the view I had – you couldn’t even see 1/4 mile away. I did go for a while when I started getting texts about stuff going on, and I turned back to verify the information I was going to pass along.

Total distance: 1738 steps, 1.39km

Saturday, 22nd December

Walking 22/12/07

Yeah, the weather’s been pretty gray around here the last few days. Here’s what it looked like; most of the snow had melted, and the road was wet. Of course, it’s all refrozen again…

Total distance: 2462 steps, 1.96km


In other news – the counseling is still going well; there are definitely still issues that need to be worked out, including finding my desire to do things that are useful for furthering my life and achieving what I want to achieve. We’re taking a break for this week, and I have my next appointment set for the 2nd in the afternoon – I’m thinking I might just switch to daytime appointments, depending on how things go in terms of getting a job.

I’ve got nothing lined up in terms of interviews yet, but with a car, I’m a lot more flexible than I used to be.

Overall though, I expect this week to be fairly quiet – I have a couple of things that I’ve been working on, and so far it’s going well – it probably will lead to getting some paid freelance work in the near future. 😉