This was the week that was, Vol. 24

Hey! Let’s get right into it 😉

Posts I liked

  • From Lifehacker, a new site for foodies – FoodTube
  • Stephen at More than Scratch the Surface explores different Feed Reading Models. I’ve always leaned toward individual feeds, though I have a few aggregate feeds in my reader.
  • Ronald at the Reader Appreciation Project explores unsubscribing from blogs, but remaining in touch with the blogger.
  • English Russia has pictures of an ice road gone bad. Wouldn’t want to be in that truck 😉

New blogs this week in the US Blogs community at BumpZEE –


  • animated cloud strife avatar – Not a mention of sephy, but I guess him being in FFVII helps here. 🙂
  • corridor cricket proxy server – I’m guessing you want to listen to Test Match Special’s web stream? You’ll need a reliable UK proxy, otherwise you’re out of luck.
  • chicken jamie oliver dough lemon wrap – One word to that – Yum!
  • white specks on asparagus – I wouldn’t trust it. Of course, if you bought white asparagus, then it’s fine. 🙂
  • google reader too many feeds – Delete them if you’re not reading them!
  • autopown metasploit – Er, I’m not totally sure on that one. As it is, whoever searched for this went to a site called I have no clue

This week around the blog, I showed off the Thanksgiving Turkey, finally finished the Indiana Jones Trilogy with The Last Crusade.

I also have been focusing on my driving with 2 posts – Crash Course and Planning for Potential Failure.

Coming up this week, I really don’t know; I have to take a look at my lists of post ideas to bring stuff up. I’ll just warn you – tomorrow will likely be all about driving; just a heads up on that. 😉

Til next week y’all! 😉