This was the Week that Was, Vol. 26

Time to look back over the last week in the world 🙂

Stuff I liked –

  • Andrew G has the news on how to view great old Sesame Street videos – I have to say that even though I was around after Elmo came in, the older shows are still the best 🙂
  • English Russia has a wooden PC – Not too sure about the monitor though – no ventilation. Also, there’s no place to plug in the keyboard…
  • Again, from Shorpy, is a picture of a blue train going over the hump at Proviso Yard
  • A movie that I’m interested in because of Aaron Sorkin’s involvement as screenwriter is Charlie Wilson’s War – that’s a link to the IMDB Page
  • How good are you at geography? Take the Traveler IQ challenge and find out! 😉
  • Duncan’s Print has an awesome set of Suzuki Swift ads, created by artists in the Dominican Republic.

New blogs this week in the US Blogs community at BumpZEE –

Keywords –

  • horizontal scrolling template background – Erm, why would you want something that will annoy people? I know that horizontal scrolling is one of my biggest pet peeves (that’s why I went with a fluid site design)
  • blogger custom domain info tld – You can definitely do that – I know of people who have done that. However, why not go with a real platform like WordPress?
  • knytt stories the machine walkthrough – Search for Let’s Play Knytt Stories on YouTube (or Something Awful forums)
  • lost dmv receipt road test – How do you do that? Wouldn’t you just get your licence right after you take the road test?
  • don majkowski and instant replay controversy – What controversy? The replay showed that he was behind the line of scrimmage. Seriously, I think all y’all Bears fans need to get over that. It was almost 20 years ago! If you want some more information on that game, check out Wikipedia’s note about the game. Also, read up about it on the Packers’ website.
  • This week around the blog, I did a couple of how-to guides which have proven to be very useful already – Image Resizing made simple, and How-to: Upload files using FTP.

    Also, I talked about some more interesting subjects like making a 5-day test cricket match last 2 weeks, along with showing off one of my favorite recipes that is a take-off on Mexican-style food.

    Coming up this week, I’ll probably have a couple of more how-to posts; as always, if there is something you’d like me to cover in a future how-to post, drop me a line on the Contact page. Even if I don’t know how to do it when you ask, I’ll go out and figure it out to explain it, with screenshots 😉

    Also, Christmas is coming, and I’ve got an idea for a “special” meal I’m going to make for myself – it’s one I heard about a while ago, and apparently it has some interesting side effects. I’ve forgotten a couple of the ingredients, but I remember chicken breasts and lemongrass and garlic, but not much else (other than the liquid). I’m thinking that’s going to be my Christmas dinner, depending on what I have going on (I’ll be by myself from Friday through to next Sunday 😉 )

    ‘Til Next week y’all! 😉