ZOMG! It’s the snow!

Ah, yes, it must be winter, eh? We’ve had snow for just about every other day since the first of the month. Today was the second “major” storm of the season. At first, it was looking like it would be a big ice storm, but then it wound up being just a lot more snow on top of what we already had on the ground.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop one local TV station from having 12½ hours of continuous coverage of the storm. Their companion radio station was soliciting people to SMS comments about the storm, and in between discussion of the issues of the day, people were calling in to comment on the size of the snowflakes that were falling. I had a chance to see some of them up close and personal, and I have to say that they were quite large, possibly the largest I’d ever seen myself.

The most ridiculous thing about the TV coverage is that the station sent their reporters all over the metropolitan area to cover the conditions at various intersections and interchanges on the main roads. The best part though was when someone working at a McDonald’s restaurant decided to bring out some food and coffee to the TV crew as a thanks for giving them a free plug by having them (and the Citgo station) in the shot whenever they went to that corner. 🙂

I have to say, though, that an award has to go to the local TV columnist, who did a video mocking all of these reports that they do on the TV. Fortunately, it was put on YouTube so I can post it here, because it is something definitely worth watching. 😉

However, there was a lesson that I’ve learnt as a result of this storm – we do not live on a “major” road in the eyes of my town. While listening to the scanner today (as you do because honestly, that’s the best way to actually get real information), I heard on our town’s channel that the snow plow drivers had gone over the “major” roads twice. The road I’m on? Once – and that was before the snow had restarted about mid morning. This is, quite literally, what the road looked like at about 3:30pm, around an hour after the snow had tailed off:

Snowy Road

The plow didn’t go through for at least two more hours, which was after we had our driveway plowed out – so that means I have a bit of work to do to get the entry cleared out again. It shouldn’t be terribly bad, I just have to pace myself.  🙂

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