Could the Mythbusters be wrong?

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t seen the antics of Jamie and Adam on Discovery’s extremely popular program Mythbusters (by the way, if you didn’t know, the show is actually made by Beyond Productions Pty. Ltd., an Australian company with branches around the world). Usually, they can be the definitive source on whether something is true or not. However, they’re not perfect, and they know it.

The episode that Discovery showed tonight at 8PM central – repeated at 11PM tonight and probably sometime soon – featured them trying to beat a speed camera. Now, they aren’t something that we have many of here, yet. They were featured on a story on ABC News just tonight as well with the installation of the first cameras on a freeway in Arizona.

While there are a lot of privacy issues behind these cameras, what they were testing was, whether you could beat the camera. They used a bit of straight road – the drag strip at Sears Point raceway, with a length of around 1/4 mile (0.4km or so). It was good distance for the cars they tested, but for all they tried, they couldn’t beat the camera. Well, Jamie did beat it – by having a flipping license plate, but that doesn’t count. 😉

However, here’s where they’re wrong. The folks on BBC2’s Top Gear (a great show that sadly isn’t on in the States) tried to beat the camera in the first series of the revamped show. They had slightly different results. The BBC have put the videos up on YouTube, but have disallowed embedding, so I have to give you links to all three segments (don’t worry, though, they’re short).

Segment 1 – Honda Civic Type R; top speed, 146mph (235km/h)

Segment 2 – Mercedes CL55 AMG; top speed, 155mph (249km/h)

Segment 3 – TVR Tuscan S; top speed, 170+mph (274km/h)

Needless to say, with more than 2 miles of track to use (on a disused airfield), they were able to flex the cars to their top speeds, but only one car failed to be caught by the cameras. Which one? You’ll have to watch. 😉

2 thoughts on “Could the Mythbusters be wrong?

  1. Hey sorry I have not been here in a while….

    Top Gear is a hilarious show (and I don’t even like cars) and Myth Buters isn’t too bad either. I saw an epsisode of Mythbusters where they said that peeing on a railway line would not electrocute you. I still do not believe there findings and am sure that I have heard otherwise in news stories!

  2. Forest Parks:
    Peeing on an electric track won’t harm you because it’s not a seamless stream.
    btw is Forest Parks really your name?

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