Dumb Luck, Bad Luck and the like…

Though in this case, “the like” is probably more filed under “I can’t wait until spring”.

I love having a washing machine upstairs; I really do. However, there is one slight problem – in the winter, we have to be extremely careful to make sure that the outdoor discharge pipe isn’t frozen so that the water will actually drain out of there. I still remember the first time it failed last year – there was a large mess of water on the floor, and I then said “right; I’m not bothering, I’ll just go ahead and finish my clothes tomorrow”.

So, we get to this winter, and we have a plan all in place for the washer – run a bit of hot water through the washer to make sure that the pipe is clean, and if it isn’t, then the hot water will thaw the pipe. That worked all winter until last week when the temperatures got well below freezing – to the point that even running hot water didn’t work.  We had another spillover with the floor getting a bit of water over it, but fortunately the washer had stopped before all of the water went onto the floor.

The course of action then was to just let the water flow out on its own course. A few hours later, we tried another water run, and it didn’t go through, but this time we did a small amount of water so it didn’t run onto the floor, thankfully. Eventually, the water did flow out, and we made a bit of a bad assumption – that the water had actually flowed out.

We get to today, and time to wash clothes once again. Run the hot water through the washer, and it doesn’t drain. We decide to remove the hose from the outside, and find out that the pipe that leads into the house has ice in it! Not a good thing at all, obviously. After some work with a screwdriver and a hammer, the ice is still not all the way gone, so I come up with a silly idea – take some of the water that’s near boiling in the tea kettle and put it on a towel, and drape the towel over the pipe.

Magically, within a few seconds, it works and the water is flowing out of the wash tub.

We went ahead and did some shopping – including getting a new food which will be talked about on here in a couple of days, and it wasn’t too bad of a price either. 😉

We get home and run a load of washing; everything runs fine, but I noticed something – there was a kink in the hose, which could lead to the washer running over once again. I go out and fix it, but didn’t realize that I caused more harm than good in doing that.

The next load of washing goes in, and upon it draining out, the water gets stuck and there’s a ton of water on the floor.

Some days you can’t win them all I guess. 😉

Also, some more bad luck – I went to a shop to see if they had some double-choc Tim-Tams, but they only had original. I didn’t get anything from there, but I did notice that they had some more Aussie products – like more Arnott’s products, along with some more Cadbury bars including Time Out and Flake, along with their drinking chocolate (but not Milo…)