Giants Fan for a Day

And it ain’t today. I’m going to be cheering the New York Football Giants onto a victory tomorrow against the 13-3 Cowboys as a win will bring the NFC Championship game back to Lambeau Field up in Green Bay for the first time since 1997 when the Carolina Panthers came up to the frozen tundra and got beaten heartily by the Packers as they were on their way to victory in Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans. If you’re a fan of the Packers, then you’ve definitely seen the scene of coach Holmgren being chaired by the team with n triumph in the Superdome. If you need a quick reminder of the game, here ya go:

Now, to the game – tomorrow from 3:30PM Central time on Fox (in the UK it’s on Sky Sports 2, in Australia on Fox Sports 2, both live). I’m not going to do the bigtime chalk-talk segment here, but the reason that I think that the Giants will prevail is quite simple – one of the hardest challenges in the NFL is to beat the same team three times in a season. The most recent occurrence of this that I can remember, in 2004, was when the Vikings got revenge on a season sweep by the Packers by defeating them in the playoffs, after stumbling horribly into them.

Also, I suspect that despite claims that Terrell Owens will be playing, he won’t be up to the task. Also, there’s that hovering question about Tony Romo’s trip to wherever it was that he and Jessica Simpson went to – not that anyone actually cares where they go. All that matters is that she show up for the game – he has, shall we say, performance issues whenever his girlfriends show up for a game. Maybe that is what they were off on vacation to handle…

Just remember the line from the song – “C is for ‘Cowboy’ and C is for ‘Crap'” 😈