How-to: Change the address of your FeedBurner Feed

One of the things that happen when you switch a site from one place to another, or from one blogging platform to another is that you need to be sure to update any sites that are dependent upon your present address for providing services.

Among those is FeedBurner, if you have chosen to use their services; if you haven’t, it’s definitely recommended and if you need help on getting started with their free service, I have put together a how-to on putting your feed on there. It’s quite simple to do, and did I mention that it’s free? 😉

Now, if you’ve already burnt your feed with them, changing the source feed for it is quite simple to do.

First, log in to your account, and from the My Feeds page, click on the title of the feed you want to change.

Change Feed Address 1

Then, in the feed stats dashboard, click on Edit Feed Details…

Change Feed Address 2

A little sub-window will pop up giving you the title of your feed, the current original feed address, and the Feed Address that you’re using for FeedBurner. There will also be an advisory to not change your original feed address unless you are actually changing the address of your original feed.

Since that is precisely what we want to do here, go ahead and change the address that is in the Original Feed line to what your new feed’s address is. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll want to use – http://{domain}/feed . By the way, you’ll need to click on this to see the image in full – it’s just too wide to put in full width 😉

Change Feed Address 3

Then, click Save Feed Details to confirm the changes you want to make to your feed.

If you’ve just changed your hosting to a new service, you may see a 404 error; that is not unusual – all that means is that FeedBurner’s servers haven’t found your site’s new address – try again in a couple of hours, and it should work then.

5 thoughts on “How-to: Change the address of your FeedBurner Feed

  1. Darn, I wish I had known how to do this. I just deleted my old feedburner account when I moved my blogspot blog to my own domain. Great information.

  2. okay so while this sounds easy i still have a question (sorry if you’ve addressed this already), but after changing my feed address… will my existing old feed address subscribers still get updates?

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