I really enjoy feeling blah. Really…

I haven’t been feeling well for a couple of days; I think that it’s a cold that has been going around the area that’s gotten me down. I’ve been quite tired over the last couple of days and haven’t had much energy to do much of anything. So, that’s why you’re getting a random edition of stuff today. 🙂

First up is a discussion of listening to cricket on the radio, written by Chico Harlan, an American who is spending six months on the staff of the Daily Telegraph in Sydney – The sound of summer is pure poetry (by the way, make sure you check out Kerry O’Keeffe’s column today about the Sydney Test; it’s brilliant comedy). He is spot on about listening to cricket being as intimate as listening to baseball – my favorite baseball commentator has always been Bob Uecker, who has been covering the Brewers ever since they came to Milwaukee in 1970; not far behind him are the late Harry Caray, Vin Scully and pretty much any commentator who understands that their voice isn’t the only thing that needs to be on the air.

The other thing on the palate for today are a couple of videos involving something that I still love – the trumpet. Probably the best classical trumpeter of the last century is Maurice André, of whom I have a collection of classical music that I haven’t listened to in quite a while, but that I must find the CD that it’s all on (or just download it, hehe 😉 ). These videos were taken in 1993 at a show in Frankfurt where he was just demoing some trumpets for Stomvi. What happens can only be described as totally cool. It’s in 2 parts 🙂