Impromptu Movie Review

I had the TV on tonight and I managed to catch a movie that wasn’t terribly bad – and it had some nice and funny moments. πŸ™‚

However, since I did watch it on TV, there won’t be any screenshots of the movie. If I knew it was on, I probably wouldn’t watch it, but I started watching it and I got sucked in. The movie is Bubble Boy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Jimmy, the boy in the bubble and Marley Shelton as the first “outsider” he meets and who he falls in love with.

I didn’t pay attention to the beginning, but the point is that Jimmy’s been forced to live in a bubble because he had no immune system, and he has grown up in the bubble, being taught by his mother, who is quite the “purist” when it comes to religion and insularity (for example saying that any woman outside of the house is a whore and he’d die if he would touch her).

When Chloe is introduced, she is seen washing her car in her driveway, in quite a provocative way; Jimmy feels the need to wash his window (just as a cover to watch her – and I can’t say that I blame him πŸ˜‰ ). Eventually, as what would happen with us blokes after a certain point, there comes some excitement. Of course, his “pure” mother has apparently sheltered him from anything related to the reproductive system, so he screams. What’s her solution to the problem? Say the Pledge of Allegiance – it apparently works for his father, and it does work for him (and thinking about it, it probably would work for anyone)…

Eventually, Chloe does decide to meet Jimmy and she finds out that he’s no different to any other person, just that he’s in a bubble. Then, she comes over and wants to get into the bubble with him – he declined the offer, and then he finds out that she is going to a dance with Mark, who is a complete jackass, constantly making jokes about Jimmy being a charity case and that Chloe only liked him out of sympathy.

After not meeting for what would be a couple of years, Chloe comes over and says that she’s getting married in the period of a couple of days in Niagara Falls – literally the other side of the country from where they are at the moment.

Here is where the great parts of the movie begin – Jimmy takes the initiative to assert his feelings to Chloe. Of course, he’s stuck in the bubble, but he creates his own suit, complete with ventilator and arm and leg extensions. The first stop for him is the front yard – where he steps in dog crap, which he finds quite a thrill! πŸ˜€

He gets to the bus station and is told that the amount of money he has would get him all the way to the end of the curb, and definitely not to Niagara Falls. Luckily, he gets picked up by a bus that has this amazing ability to back up on queue, and find targets it wants. The occupants of the bus, all called Todd and Lorraine, followers of the amazing Gil and a theology that they’re not exactly certain of are on their way to Vegas. Somehow Jimmy susses them out as a cult and is promptly booted out of the bus. They would come around again and again, as it turns out, Jimmy is the mystical all-powerful person who will prevent them from going to Planets PX41 and PX42.

As he continues his trek across the country, he encounters a whole host of characters including a motorcyclist who has a mere less-than-moped for his current travel who brings Jimmy to Vegas and gets him to gamble and gives him a great lesson – don’t have any regrets. This lesson would definitely come to fruition at the end of the film.

When his parents catch wind of him going off on his quest, they start in chase, and catch up to him in the desert east of Las Vegas, causing him to jump onto a train filled with freaks who travel with a doctor; Doctor Phreak – played by Vern Troyer who Jimmy’s Mom eventually takes a bit of caring to, until it’s time to meet Jimmy once again, at which point he’s shuffled out of the stolen truck they were using and out onto the street, bolted into his car seat.

Jimmy then frees himself from the travelling circus and gets a ride in a combination ice cream/curry van which goes bust when they hit a cow and the proprietor has to honor his religion and treat the fallen cow with the utmost respect. He gets to Illinois and a taxi is there and the fare to Niagara Falls is $500 and a packet of Depends underwear. Luckily there’s a parlor across the street with the money on offer. He wins a mud wrestling competition and goes on his way with Pappy, who after a night of driving, dies.

At this point, he had only a short distance to go, but made a call to Chloe’s phone and got Mark, who reminds him of the charity case bologna causing Jimmy to lose hope and call Dr. Phreak. He goes to take a can of soda or possibly beer, and is allowed to because, I mean, why would the robber care if some kid in a bubble took a can of somethig from the refrigerated case?

He’s put back into the truck with his mom and dad and while she’s off to go to the bathroom, his dad reminds him of what home was like, and he bolts off towards Niagara Falls once more. He’s picked up by Pippy – Pappy’s brother and is flown almost into the falls but the straight vertical flight is too much for him.

All in all, the movie ends with the happy ending we all would expect, including an intriguing revelation about Jimmy’s immune system – one which if it were me, I’d have been quite angry with my mom, but for Jimmy, he shows amazing compassion.

If you get a chance to see Bubble Boy, it’s good for an hour-and-a-half of distraction and is a happy movie to watch. The only lingering question is what happened to the Todds and Lorraines? The last time we saw them, they were in Illinois getting tricked by the freaks that they were mutating. It would have been excellent if they had the cult come back and find Jimmy out of the bubble and rejoice in the news…oh well. πŸ™‚

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