Job Applications

In the time that I’ve been looking for work, I’ve filled out a few applications along the line. Most of them ask the standard questions about educational and work history. Others – particularly those that you fill out online ask some more, well, unusual questions.

I guess you’d almost call it a pre-pre-interview. For example, I filled out an application for a major retailer in the area online yesterday and there was this whole section of scenarios and you were to tell them what you would most likely do and what you’d least likely do. The questions covered a wide range of topics, including relating to customers, relating to other employees and even situations where you overhear gossiping.

Personally, in the scenarios where it was an issue with a fellow employee (for example, you noticing that someone is working slower than you or that someone is doing something unsafely), and there was the option of dobbing them in to the supervisor, I’d say that it would be the least likely thing that I’d do. Maybe this is a change in me, or a bit of not wanting to make waves, but I would either keep it to myself or go over and explain that they’re doing it wrong, and then show them how to do it.

Actually, that came up in another question – the scenario was that I was putting some produce on display and a coworker would come over and say that I was doing it wrong. I said that the most likely thing I’d do is say “ok, then show me how I should do it”.

I’ve seen other applications where they give you these strange “agree or disagree” type questions, but this was the first time that I’d seen this particular scenario-based questioning happen.

Who knows, maybe I can get to work at this place, I’m not mentioning it for obvious reasons (for example, I get a job there), but from what I’ve heard, they’re a decent company to work for. 🙂