My days have flipped…

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been noticing that I have been staying up later and later, and getting up later and later. I think today was the worst – I was first out of bed at 11AM! To think that I’d regularly be out of bed without the need of an alarm clock, generally at 7AM or close to it.

I’ve been thinking that a possible way out of this situation is to just stay up all night, and all day the next day, but a more reasonable solution will be to just force myself to get to bed earlier. Either that or I can start looking at second shift jobs to call after – I’ve seen quite a few of those “telemarketer” jobs in the paper. Somewhat surprisingly, they actually pay very well for what I would consider quite basic jobs – in the range of $12 per hour. When you frame that in the spectrum that most people who work in the service industry (stores, gas stations, etc.) get paid around $8-10 per hour, that’s really stellar.

As an aside, it doesn’t help that the cricket is on really late this week since it’s over at the WACA ground – the match doesn’t start ’til 8.30PM my time, and stumps are extended to 4.00 AM (which is when the stream cut off last night – right in the middle of the last over). As I listen, the Aussies are in dire straits in their 1st Innings; it’s looking like the Indians are doing what they should have be doing in this test – play their hearts out and get what looks to be at least a certain draw. Who knows? They could actually break the streak with a victory!

The way this series has been going on, I wouldn’t be surprised..and that’s also why I record the stream – so I don’t have to stay up all night to hear the commentary; though with the slightly altered commentary team (Tom Moody & Terry Alderman in for Kerry O’Keeffe (making some coin around the ground) and Damien Fleming (on a beach with kiwis and poms playing cricket)), it doesn’t seem to have the same “pep” as normal…it’s all enjoyable anyway 😉