No Resolutions from Me

Happy New Year y’all!

Of course, this is the day that it would seem that half of the world says that they’re going to do all these lofty things – change their life, lose however many pounds/kilos/stone, get out of debt, have a piece of cheese every day, etc. with the resolutions.

I’ve never made any resolutions – if you think about it, a New Year’s resolution is just you saying that you’re going to do something because everyone else is saying that you should do that thing. Of course, these same people will then go ahead and possibly stick to these changes for a week or two, but eventually they’ll fall back into their old rut of life as it was back in the old year. And then they wonder why they failed at their resolutions.

The reason, I think, is simple – they didn’t want to change in the first place. It’s something that I’ve learnt from experience – for the longest time I just didn’t want to change my ways, staying in the hole that was depression, but then I made the choice to get out of there. As most of you know, this didn’t come at any holiday in particular – it came in the middle of July. The reality of the situation is that, on a Holiday, you may just say things about what you’ll do after them, but it’s a lot of peer pressure getting you to say that.

Look at the schedules for the shopping channels – shows like “New You 2008”,  “Walk Yourself Fit”, “Eating Smart”, and a whole host of other similar programs airing today. It’s like Valentine’s day – some marketing hack has realized that people will be wanting to buy pointless stuff to show a commitment to something that, really, they aren’t committed to (if you’re committed to the person you’re in love with, why do you need to prove it more on Valentine’s Day than on any other day?)

Anyway, it’s like Craig Harper says – “Your world will change when you change.” You can’t say that you’re going to achieve these lofty goals without actually changing your life.

The key about resolutions, to me at least, is to not make them – resolve to do things when you want to do them; set a goal for the year? Sure, just make sure that you’re going to commit to that goal – and don’t make the goal on January 1st; you can make it anytime during the year. 🙂