Random Shopping stuff

Yesterday, we had to run to Target to pick up some photos that we had printed professionally – trust me, it cost a lot less to print them professionally than to print them at home – 136 pix printed (with same day pickup) for $28 – compared to having to buy probably at least two or 3 color cartridges at $15 or so each, and probably a black cartridge at $6 – plus having to buy some more paper, you can see the logic behind getting professional printing done.

Anyway, as we were perusing the stuff in the store, I looked at the cards section, and they had something I had never seen before – political cards. They had a couple of cards featuring Barack Obama – one was with him in a mockup of what you’d see on the Oprah magazine, with headlines like “How to Spend Liberally to look Conservative” and other little plays on words. Another card they had that sticks in my mind was one featuring our ever-so-smart President and Vice President. Let me put it they way they did it (at least in my memory) –

Cheney: Good news sir. We are getting more than 100 Brazilians to assist us.
Bush: That is great news. (Card flip)
Bush: How much is a Brazillion?

The last line is “A Brazillion wishes to you on your Birthday.” Personally, I think it’s quite brilliant, though I know that there are some diehards in the right wing who will split a vein over it. To them, I simply say be less serious about everything.

Anyway, we then went towards the kitchenware section, where I saw what has to be the most ridiculous thing ever for a kitchen – an avocado slicer. Yes, who needs a spoon and a knife when you can buy one thing that is only good for one task and costs quite a bit more than you’d pay for a spoon and a knife – $12.95 at Target?

The last thing we went to was the soft drinks aisle – while I don’t drink soda anymore, except for the odd taste here and there – my mom still does, but she’s been converted to Coke. We saw that they had them for 3 for $9 for 12 packs, and as I was putting them into the cart, I said, somewhat half-heartedly, that I wouldn’t be surprised if the store closest to us would have them at $2.75 each for sale this week.

As it so happens, we get the Wednesday circulars, and lo and behold, one store has Coke on sale for just that price – 4 for $11 ($2.75 each).

I tell ya, sometimes I feel like freakin’ Nostradamus! 😉