Shop at Home (or not)

A couple of weeks ago, I was flipping through the channels on our cable system, and to my amazement, they actually gave us poor plebes who have only analogue cable a new channel. Well, it’s not a new channel – it’s one that has been on the air for ages, which only ever shows (aside from the mandated 3 hours of educational programming and an hour of religious programming) a home shopping channel called Shop at Home TV.

For most of the last week or so, they’ve been running the same program – selling coins to their loyal viewers, at what could only be termed as highly inflated prices. Consider that they’re selling one ounce of silver at nearly twice the price of silver on the open market while other sellers on the net sell the same product for only a couple of dollars over market price. You can even buy the coins in quantities of 500 from the TV channel – and you still won’t save any money over the online retailer; and these TV people claim that they are giving an amazing bargain over anyone else with their prices!

For the first couple of days, I was actually convinced that they were giving people a bargain, but then I started searching around for some of the terms they mentioned, and lo and behold, they are soaking you for these coins. In fact, within the communities of coin collectors, they consider watching these channels as a form of comedy – you know, I can’t blame them. I know that some of the shenanigans they pull when selling computers – I’ve seen them showing like three videos at a time, and claim one of them is a game that is being played. Then, don’t get me on all the crap software they put on them – all of it is stuff that you can probably find for like $9.95 in the shops or is stuff that is out of date.

The food they sell is even worse – they will sell you chicken at a price of something like $7-8 per pound (when you factor in shipping costs). I don’t care if it is some family’s recipe, I can make my own food in my own way, and pay a heck of a lot less (consider that last week I picked up bone-in skin-on chicken breasts for $1.78 per pound – about $4 per kilo). Also, if I do it that way, then I know what is going in my food and that it won’t have a bunch of chemicals and salt which will do nothing but make the food totally unhealthy.

Ah well, if I want to buy something from home, I’ll stick to eBay or Amazon; there I know I will get quality, most of the time. šŸ™‚