The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 25

Sunday, 6th January

Walking 6/1/08 1 Walking 6/1/08 2

As I had mentioned, it was quite a foggy day for the most part on Sunday; however, the fog did clear enough for me to go out for a bit of a walk right at the end of the useful daylight. As you can see, however, the fog did stick around – mostly in places where there was a lot of snow, and in large open fields. While out, I heard a train and grabbed a couple of pictures of it. You should be able to see the lights’ path in the fog in the photo of the train šŸ™‚

Total distance – 1155 steps, 0.92km

Monday, 7th January

Not much of a walk was done – most of it was just to go down to the end of the driveway; I was still a bit burnt out from not feeling well over the weekend.

Distance – 490 steps, 0.39km

Tuesday, 8th January

I had my counseling appointment in the middle of the day, so it was kind of broken up. I wound up doing my walking in the course of going around a store to get some stuff that was needed. It wasn’t terribly exciting stuff either…at least for me. šŸ™‚

Total distance – 4151 steps, 3.32km

Wednesday, 9th January

Walking 9/1/08

I was back in my normal shoes as the snow had melted quite a bit in the very warm weather over the couple of days, and I got a lengthy walk in; I got down to the entrance to the park, passing the face in the tree, which is now half blind, along with having been made dumb earlier in the winter. I didn’t enter the park as I wasn’t comfortable to go in with the snow in the entrance.

Total distance – 4026 steps, 3.22km

Thursday, 10th January

Walking 10/1/08 1 Walking 10/1/08 2 Walking 10/1/08 3 Walking 10/1/08 4 Walking 10/1/08 5

A nice selection of photos from my walk. The first one is of a unique train that we runs through here from time to time – as you can see, it’s a normal front end of a truck, but modified to have rail-worthy wheels, along with standard rail couplers. The next pictures are from inside the park. The grass is still fairly green – it’s my thought that, if you give grass enough light and water, it will stay green all year long, but it used to be that it would always turn completely brown in the winter. Could it be a sign of global warming?

The next two pictures show a contrast between the open areas of the park and the forested-in area. Even though the shade from the trees in winter is minimal, the difference is striking between the two areas. I went around the reverse way (up two hills first), and as I was going down towards the low point of the normal route, it got too hairy to continue, even though I was using a stick to help me break the ice as I was walking. You can see some the icy path in the last photo.

Total distance – 5884 steps, 4.70km

Friday, 11th January

Another day without photos, as I was volunteering, and the walking was (again) in shops, yet again getting exciting stuff! This time, one of the stores we were going to had this little problem with quotation marks. For example, they were advertising “Hot Ham” and a “Three Day Sale” valid “January 11th,12th,13th” (and no, they didn’t put the space after the commas). I might just have to take another trip over there to see if they still have some of the signs up (obviously for a different sale or service they offer).

Total distance – 5555 steps, 4.44km

Saturday, 12th January

Walking 12/1/08 A Walking 12/1/08 B

There was more snow that had fallen on Thursday night – it made Friday’s commute slow at first, but the main roads were clear fortunately. However, the scenery from the snow on the trees was once again stunning. However, I don’t think that the turkeys were keen on having me walking towards them, as they were moving progressively from right to left in the photo, further away from the road.

Total distance – 2699 steps, 2.15km

In other news, I have some very interesting counseling sessions – a lot of the time, it is just talking about the world in general and how I fit into it. Some of it is talking about how I’m doing with my relationships both offline and online, and some of the time it’s me explaining about some of the technology that I’m involved in. Although to a lot of people it might sound like it’s not effective, it works for me, and this week our goal is to work on some of my anxiety issues – it’s probably not a surprise, but I can be quite shy and timid at times, especially in social situations.

I’ve also put in my resume at a few places, I’ve yet to hear back from anyone other than the form letter about having received my resume and that they’d contact me if I was a fit. I just have to keep digging and submitting and something will come my way… šŸ˜‰