The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 26

Not the greatest week for walking, especially with the bitterly cold weather the last couple of days, but spring is coming closer every day. 🙂

Sunday, 13th January

I just didn’t walk, except for a quick trip outside; the pedometer didn’t count much – 214 steps, 0.17km.

Monday, 14th January

Walking 14/1/08

I noticed this as I was walking – you can see some tracks that were left by someone else (possibly me for all I know 😉 ) before the latest layer of snow covered this area. I don’t think I’d have noticed something this unusual, but I did. 🙂

Total distance – 2462 steps, 1.96km

Tuesday, 15th January

Walking 15/1/08 A Walking 15/1/08 B Walking 15/1/08 C

When I saw this train coming along, I was wondering why it was going so slow – it only had one engine, but with a cargo of Intermodal containers, I would have figured it would go faster. However, it turned out that they had a bunch of car carriers on the end and, apparently, one of them had been to the Rodeo 😉

Total distance – 2580 steps, 2.06km

Wednesday, 16th January

One of the problems with being a part-time vampire who can’t wash clothes at night because of the pipes freezing is that you just have to do things when you get the chance – so my walk wound up being down to the mailbox and back…

Distance – 615 steps, 0.49km

Thursday, 17th January

Walking 17/1/08

It wasn’t the greatest weather – the precipitation started out as rain, then quickly changed to snow, freezing everything that hadn’t cleared off of the road. The thing about where I live is that we don’t believe in having plows go out until quite a while later. Even then, they’re not the most effective anyway, as I can attest after following one going on my road – I didn’t get why they had the blade down…

Total distance – 1931 steps, 1.54km

Friday, 18th January

Walking 18/1/08

Here’s the reason why it’s gotten so cold – arctic air + clear skies == temperatures heading well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This was sunset on Friday, when I went out to walk – another of those “mailbox and back” jobs – I have to say that I love how the picture came out though 🙂

Distance – 799 steps, 0.67km

Saturday, 19th January

As I mentioned, the temperature outside was -8°F (-22°C), with a brisk wind causing wind chills to go down to the range of -20°F or lower (even lower if we were still using the “old” wind chill calculations). At these temperatures, frostbite can happen within 15 minutes to exposed skin. Although you keep the amount of skin exposed to a minimum, it made more sense to walk around the store, hence no picture.

Total distance – 1638 steps, 1.31km

In other news, this week’s therapy session is going to focus on doing the first session of Holographic Memory Resolution. I don’t know exactly what to expect from it, and I have to say that the weather isn’t working in my favor for experiencing it – the weather bureau says we could have upwards of 6 inches of snow (15cm) tomorrow. However, why should I let the snow stop me from therapy?

Aside from that, not much else happened – I’m a little bit down from the Packers losing their game tonight, but life goes on, and race season starts right around the corner, along with the cricket continuing and all the other stuff I’m involved in. 🙂