The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 27

Sunday, 20th January

Temperatures of -14°F with winds whipping don’t lead to going outside to walk.

Monday, 21st January

Walking 21/1/08

Obviously, I didn’t take this photo during my walk, but it kind of shows how much snow actually fell. As far as I could tell, the amount of snow that fell during the whole event was somewhere near or above 10 inches (25cm). I did go out to walk a little bit during the snow, but didn’t get terribly far.

Distance – 908 steps, 0.72km

Tuesday, 22nd January

Walking 22/1/08

Just another example of the fine job that our town does when it comes to clearing the roads after snow. The total distance included in the walk has some walking in a shop in it.

Total distance – 4293 steps, 3.43km

Wednesday, 23rd January

Walking 23/1/08

This is an interesting photo. There isn’t anything terribly special about the photo other than the fact that I caused this formation’s existence. This is what happens when you park your car in one part of the driveway, then have to take it out. 😉

Distance – 1446 steps, 1.15km

Thursday, 24th January

Walking 24/1/08

This was just a walk down to the mailbox and back; I didn’t even wear the pedometer. The scene is of the sun setting in the afternoon.

Friday, 25th January

Walking 25/1/08

A bit of a game of hide-and-seek here. The picture is actually quite heavily cropped, so that there’s less identifying material seen. Not only that, I think that it’s a cool effect to have the tree branches obstructing the train – makes you wonder where it’s going, where it came from and the like. 😉

Distance – 621 steps, 0.49km

Saturday, 26th January

Walking 26/1/08

There was some more snow overnight, so that means only one thing – more fresh tracks in the snow from the car. The interesting thing is that the brown tracks are the ones from going back into the driveway, and the ones going out are white – that’s because of the car having gone over a lot of clag on the roads that were not very clean at first. The distance includes, once again, store walking (quite a bit of it, in fact!)

Distance – 5942 steps, 4.75km

In other news, although I thought that the snow wouldn’t be able to stop me, I think I made the right decision to play it safe and not risk myself out there in the conditions. When I rang up my therapist, she understood the need to have safety in front of continuing care. Fortunately, we are scheduled through the middle of next month, so there is no issue in going back tomorrow. 🙂

I’m also working on the sleeping thing – on Friday, I was up at 6AM, but that was because of a phone call; I then went back to bed and slept for three more hours (after getting some stuff done before having a rest thought). Other than that, it’s sometimes hard to believe that we’re almost at the end of January already…