This was the Week that Was, Vol. 31

Time to wrap up the week 🙂

Posts I Liked

  • Here’s a note to potential party makers wanting to make a quick buck: Don’t follow Corey Delaney’s example. Or maybe you should. However, he could use a new graphics department. The question that is put forward about a poster advertising his tour by Sam fits – WTF?
  • Some awesome news for American race fans – Boris Said (who has almost cult status in some circles) is likely headed to Phillip Island and Bathurst to be a part of the V8 Supercar endurance races in September and October. Who knows, this might get Speed to show the races live! 😉
  • Australia Day was Saturday, and Sally, from Sydney Daily Photo spent the day at Carss Park on Kogarah Bay.
  • A couple of podcast recommendations, both from The Mrbrown Show. First is about a sex tape made by a Malaysian official; the real reason it was made was that it was an educational DVD. Also, are you wanting a MacBook Air (I’d love to have one actually!), why not try this convenient alternative?
  • Lastly, we head back down under for an interesting conversation that happened on Andrew G’s blog about the history of Australia and its peoples.

New Blogs in the BumpZEE US Blogs community

The site is down at this time, so there will be a larger update next week. 😉


  • speed report speedtv 2008 host – Well, both Nicole and Drew are gone, and they’re returning to the “old” format of having one of their commentators being co-host with Krista Voda. I might actually watch more than on the rare occasion.
  • dilana nude uncensored – Hasn’t anyone come up with those pix yet? There are at least a few thousand people who want to see this. Myself included 😉
  • make yourself known to him. – Known to who?
  • which is better blogspot or your own domain – I can’t say this loudly enough, but definitely your own domain, and if you can do it, using WordPress!

Around the blog

This week, I had a couple of posts about ESPN – first, about them coming to their senses when it came to NASCAR, and then about how other sports broadcasters could learn from their tennis announce team. Also, if you are using All-in-one SEO, be sure to check out my post about keeping on top of recent updates. It might be breaking your blog.

Coming up over the week, I’m going to share a bit of food I ate over the weekend – it came out really well. If you’re a member of the Aussie Bloggers Forum, then you’ve seen it already, but not the whole process. 😉

Til next week y’all! 😉