Are you in the conspiracy?

No, I don’t mean one of those cloak-and-dagger conspiracies, I mean the Entrecard conspiracy! 😉 (Nod to Andrew for coming up with that line)

So far in the about 10 days that I’ve been a part of the site, I’ve seen quite a few good blogs, and am now making folders dedicated to sites that I drop my card at. I have to say that some of my favorite sites are the ones with food (shocking, eh? 😉 ) and also the Aussie blogs. Of course, the traffic is two ways because as I drop cards, the recipients not only get to see my card, but we both earn a credit which can be used towards buying advertising on other sites, and can be used in giveaways, or in return for items from the shop. So far, I’ve bought a handful of ads, and as you can see at the upper right of my site, feature a different site every day (the spot changes around 5.00PM my time, if you want to know 🙂 ) here.

The other thing about Entrecard is that they are new, but they’ve got a good start. They may only be celebrating their 3-month anniversary, but as I’ve seen elsewhere, I think that they have the stuff that should let them go on for quite a while. Really, how the system works makes it worthwhile for you to invest some time to read the latest post on a site, and then drop the card. I know that is what I do – and I do notice that I’ve been less stuck in my reader as well. 🙂

If you haven’t gotten into the world of card dropping, it’s quite simple – I have a how-to guide on getting started available for your perusal, if you need a helping hand. 🙂

Speaking of Entrecard

I’ve been tagged by Lightening for the Entrecard above-the-fold meme. Basically, what it is all about is if you have your card showing “above the fold,” (i.e. when you first load the site), you qualify for the meme. When you’re tagged, you should tag 8 others who’ve got their cards above the fold as well. So, here’s who I’m tagging; these are blogs that, for the most part, I’ve discovered through Entrecard. 🙂 –

And, a bonus 9th tag, acting as the Designated Hitter – Fantasy Baseball (yeah, feel free to boo at the horrid pun 😉 )

It’s up to you to continue the meme; it’s a fun one that doesn’t take that much time to get done, since you likely see the sites you’ll tag on a daily basis anyway. 🙂

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