Race season is back!

And, I have to say that it’s better than ever. Not necessarily because of the use of the V8 Supercar look-alike “Car of Tomorrow Today”, and it’s not because of Junior’s move to Hendrick Motorsports (I’m not a big fan of Junior, but how cool was it that he won his first race with them?). Nope, for me, it’s all about the radio.

As I had mentioned last year, when there was a night race then, I’d be forced to try to dig out either a weak-in-my-location FM signal from about 50km away, or hope that WSM radio in Nashville were broadcasting the race so that I could pick up their clear channel signal from 800km away. Of course, this wouldn’t work on Saturday nights because of the Grand Ole Opry broadcasts from Music City.

However, thanks to the operator of a small radio station from about 25km away selling the station to the incumbent rights-holders of the races in the area, and them deciding to move their signal to this 24-hour station (ending the split days and nights schedule and effecting halving their station IDs, even though during the transition, they give two call sets of call letters), I now have a reliable signal that I know will bring me the races all through the season.

Also, I have to say that I always love watching the shows that are on just before Daytona. For example, right now, I’ve been watching a retrospective special where you get to see clips from throughout the years, with original commentary supplied by announcers from CBS, Fox, MRN radio, and even NBC (for that ever so popular picture of Sterling Marlin, ahem, adjusting, his car). The best part is that it is a current show (at least the beginning and end were redone in order to suit this year’s situation), but even watching the specials you’ve watched before is cool, in my opinion. Then again, it’s hard to come across a good special about racing. 😉

Lastly, just as a reminder of last year, here’s the last 2 laps of the race, with the amazing finish (if you have ESPN Classic, the race will be shown in a 2-hour version at 1pm Central – a rarity having a Fox race shown on ESPN).

Oh, and one last thing – Speed, if you’re listening, it would be really nice if you would broadcast Phillip Island and Bathurst live this year, with Boris being in the races and all (heck, can we maybe even get delayed coverage of the races – like same week or same day? – ah heck, I’ll probably just get them through my normal way anyway. 🙂 )