Random Saturday

Or: 3 stories, 1 post 😀

Bernie to USA, Aust, NZ: I don’t care about you

That’s essentially what he’s saying in his pronouncement that the future of the Australian GP is in doubt unless they go to a night race. Considering that they have already dropped the US round of the championship, it should be no surprise that they don’t want to stick around Australia unless they have to (or unless Premier Brumbie ponies up a ton more of the Victorian taxpayers’ money to put lights up in Albert Park).

What’s the reason for the complaint about the time of the race?

TV rights. Sure, Europe is the biggest audience for F1, but that doesn’t mean that there are dedicated F1 fans in the Western hemisphere; Brazil and Canada still have rounds of the championship – and as far as I know, they’re as well-attended as rounds in Europe (in fact, they probably have better attendance than European rounds). Those races are safe in Bernie Ecclestone’s eyes because they (along with the old USGP) air in Europe at around 6PM – smack dab in the middle of peak viewing time.  All the European rounds (along with Turkey and Bahrain) start somewhere between noon and 3pm on the continent.

What time is the Australian GP on in Europe? Generally around 4-5am, or late evening in the US.

It would seem to me that if we have to deal with getting up at 6.30am all summer long, and have to stay up all night for the other races (aside from Australia, Canada and Brazil), they should be stuck with some of these “inconveniently timed” races. It’s only fair for a truly worldwide sport.

If this isn’t a scam, I’ll run around naked

One of the more annoying commercials on the radio lately is one that features a guy acting as a show host going into a commercial break. He is talking about this “amazing” product that makes you earn money on the Internet using sites like eBay. Now, it wouldn’t be too bad except for the fact that he goes on to say that you will be selling products that you don’t have to see, ship, or even pay for.

Uh, excuse me? Selling stuff you don’t pay for? There’s a term for that in my region – selling stolen goods, anybody?

The system is called Internet Speedway, and has been out there for quite a long time. And, if you’re curious why I’d be willing to run around naked if this isn’t a scam, check out this thread on scam.com. Need I say more?

However, it’s not so much what they’re pitching that makes the ad annoying, it’s how they pitch it. This voice-over artist reads his script, and when he gets to the part where he has to read off the number, he says “uh, it’s here, it’s 1-whatever”. Now, that fits into the idea of this being a supposedly “live” read, but when he goes to reread the number, he says “um” again. It’s that second “um” that really makes the ad annoying to me.

Oh well, that’s why they have a dial on the radio, eh? 😉

Superbowl XLII – it’s all about the ads

Provided I actually care to watch (which I probably will since there isn’t that much on TV other than marathons) the show, all I am really interested in seeing are the ads, which I haven’t heard a lot of hype about, but they’re available out there to watch already.  You would think that these companies would get bothered about their $2.7-million commercials being leaked onto the internet, but they’ll land here anyways, so I guess they don’t care all that much.

As far as the game itself, this is one of those games where you want both teams to lose. I want the Giants to lose because of beating the Packers. I want the Patriots to lose to stop the perfect season. That being said, I think that the Patriots will win the game because they just have been that dominant force all season long.

As far as a score, I’d tip 34-21 to los Pats, as they were called on Spanish language TV (one guy on there said that he was expecting the upset of the century going the Giants way; nobody else was convinced of his prediction).