Revisiting the Laptop

At first, I was going to say that this was another example of the laws of searching coming up and biting me on the rear end. However, the law worked again, and I got the result I’m wanting (well, so long as it stays working).

Remember when I left my laptop in the basement for a long time? Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well. At the time, I decided that the solution to the problem would be to put it away and come back to it later. Well, it’s later, and I grabbed the cord for the laptop, plugged it in and crossed my fingers.

Nothing – just the start stop cycle again.

But I persist and, magically, the thing starts up. Now, here’s where I start to go wrong – I go to find the plug for the old router (which is wireless). Naturally, the laws of searching did apply here, and I couldn’t find it. So, I figure, well the laptop’s working decently and I decide to shut it down and bring it out to the main room with the computer in it.

Bad move. Welcome back, start-stop cycle. Of course, as I’m doing this, I notice the plug for the wireless router, so I had a backup plan.

I take the laptop back into my bedroom and hook it up once more to the wall, and again get the start-stop. This time, it was only a few minutes before I got it started up, grab the wireless card and insert it.

It’s a good thing that I have 2 PCMCIA slots on the computer, because putting it in the upper slot gave me a message that I’d have to restart the computer in order to use the card. I’d have none of that so I put it in the lower slot – which worked. AVG went and did its thing, so I let it go.

The next step was to start moving stuff over to this computer (the main one) once and for all. I open the Network Neighborhood, open the shared folders on here, and select files from the desktop to move.

That’s where the luck runs out, unfortunately. As the files were moving (and I went out to here to start writing about my good luck), the laptop did one of its favorite tricks on me – freeze up totally. The only fix that I know of for that problem is to do a forced shutdown of the system using the power button.

And you can only guess what happened next.

Yep. Start-stop cycle. So, I’ve decided to bin this job for the night.

However, all is not lost, as I have just checked in with my scammer friends, to find that one of them have written back to a female character I use with this lovely mail 😀 –


My love i was dieing in my heart all these times for not having hearing from you, you make me so empty in all my ways. How are you? i hope you are ok,I have been having this sexual feelings torwards you, but i found it difficult to have sex with a strenge woman.

Darling, i love you and i can never do without you. i feel so much about you baby, i looked at your beautiful face every day, i want to have sex,how are we going  to do it,andwhat do you have in mind about me.

Im stiil loving you

forever yours

Ah, scammers and sex. Even though he has this difficulty to have sex with strenge women, he doesn’t say he didn’t do it… 😯

One thought on “Revisiting the Laptop

  1. Ha ha that scammer mail is hilarious.

    I almost felt sorry for him then I remembered his trade :).

    Damn shame about the computer woes. I only have my trustee laptop so gotta be kind to it. I already smashed the screen once and it’s getting a little bashed and bruised but still doing well.

    Anyway i’ll be back soon and I hope you get it all sorted.

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