Snow, Snow, and More Snow

I think we’re all getting sick of it, unless you’re a snowmobiler or a skier, and even then you have to admit that it’s just going on a bit too long. However, it’s still not over – there’s a forecast saying that yet another 15cm (6 inches) should be falling over this weekend, followed by yet another deep freeze.

One of the more frustrating situations that has resulted is the fact that almost every municipality in the state has run themselves almost completely out of road salt. As it was, today I went in to volunteer and wound up taking the main roads (which actually is the route you get when you punch it into google maps), which hadn’t been plowed, but were a damn sight better than the road that I live on.

As I was coming back today, I made the observation that I had seen a situation like this in the past – up in the northern part of the state where they only treat their roads with sand (which is the alternative when you run out of salt as it does help with traction). However, up there, they use more of the stuff as the roads, how I remember them, were almost like a dirt road with the buildup of sand on them.

Speaking of the snow, even though the roads were clean, it didn’t mean that it was all clear sailing – this trucker was lucky that the truck didn’t slide any further off of the road, or else he would have been in the gully below. Fortunately, the police were there assisting, and I’m guessing that a towtruck came by soon afterwards. I wasn’t there, but I did receive the pictures of this scene along a state highway. 😉

Lucky trucker

Also, if you think that that was a bad situation along a state highway, here is what the roads looked like yesterday in a different part of the state – also on a state highway. This was in an area that the snow was still falling. For some reason, the municipalities in that area decided to not plow, which forced quite a few people to stay in various hotels in the area. Luckily, it’s a big tourist area, so there are a lot of hotels.

As you can see in this shot, the road was literally covered with snow, and I’d guess that travel was restricted to somewhere around 20-25 miles per hour.

Crappy doesn’t do this justice

The good thing, though, about the snow-packed roads around here is that they’re not bad to travel on at a reasonable speed. I was able to comfortably do 35-40 miles per hour on the pack, but I did have to make a concession for stopping distances which are greatly increased in this situation. I’ll have some more pictures of the packed roads on Sunday. 😉

6 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, and More Snow

  1. Much as I like the romantic notion of living where it snows, I have to admit I’m kinda glad I don’t. I can imagine it would be cold, wet and blah after a while. 😉

  2. I’m in Ontario. We’ve had enough snow here too. Freezing rain due tomorrow. I have a snow photo on my blog too. Took it from the back of the driveway, snow is piled up past my knees now.

  3. You don’t say where you are, but I’m in Melbourne where we don’t get snow except in the outer ranges.
    I did live in England where there was snow. I got frost bite rolling up snowballs as a kid.

    I’d prefer not to live in snow such as you have described.

  4. For snow-deprived tropical residents like me where the only seasons we know are related to television shows, the sight of a single snowflake would rouse celebration and festivities. 🙂 Here in Singapore, we’d even have to resort to using foam for fake snow during Christmas. How sad is that.

  5. I am still in awe of the snow here in Montreal but am sure I will start getting sick of it very soon. Being of English decent it amazes me that life goes on so easily at -25 with 3ft of snow laying around.

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