Super Tuesday

Sometimes you just have to cave in and talk politics from time to time. Of course, tonight literally almost half of the country has gone to the polls and, while the official results are still being tallied, a picture is emerging about who will be vying for our votes for President.

Or is it?

Personally, I thought that tonight’s events would make our vote in two weeks’ time nearly irrelevant. However, with almost all of the races called, it appears that the race is almost totally still wide open, with the candidates nearly splitting the delegates evenly among them. Personally, I’m starting to lean towards voting for Obama in the primary because I definitely want him to be the Dems’ candidate. We don’t need another 4-8 years of someone from the same 2 families being in the White House.

And, let’s be honest here – I’ve actually liked Obama since he started running for the office; he’s one of the youngest serious candidates in a long time, and even though I don’t see eye to eye with him on a lot of the issues, I’m not certain over any of the candidates on the other side. Let me list some of the issues that I have with the Republican candidates right now. 🙂

  • McCain: He might be a war hero, but the fact that he’s in his 70s is somewhat disconcerting, but of course it’s not unprecedented to have someone who is older in office…on the plus side, he seems to get the idea of not spending money you don’t have – that’s why he voted against the tax cuts in 2002.
  • Huckabee: Actually, he’s not that bad, but I don’t think we need to have a baptist minister as our President. He’s the weakest candidate, but could just be that spanner in the works to make the race a little bit interesting.
  • Romney: Honestly, this guy creeps me out. It’s not that he’s a Mormon, but it’s his views. He seems to be so far to the right that he’s almost a reactionary. Add in the fact that he’s been the darling of the hardcore political talkers, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, in my opinion.
  • Ron Paul: There are a few things that I agree with him on, like being more true to the Constitution, but seriously, he’s gotten a whole 6 delegates. He might have a niche following on the Internet, but it really hasn’t shown in the polls to date.

Who will I wind up voting for in a couple of weeks at our primary (that’s the 19th, for those who showed up at the polls today to vote…), I’m leaning on doing what I did 4 years ago and crossing over to the Democratic ticket; then I did it and wound up voting for John Edwards – on the basis that he wasn’t John Kerry, if I remember correctly.  Let’s see where the next couple of weeks take us for polling and how the candidates fare. 😉

One thought on “Super Tuesday

  1. Interesting comments. I would never cross over and will stick with McCain. Regan was old and he did a good job.

    There is a lot to be said about experience. I mean will those old Senators and Congressmen really take Obama seriously?

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