The Janu–no, February thaw…and, who is that guy?

It might seem like a long time since it’s been this way, but today we actually had the first decent day for thawing the ice that has accumulated on the driveway (which is up around an inch or so – around 3cm). I took some time during the day to take the ice chipper out and clear a bit of the ice.

By no means did I get all of the ice cleared away, but I did manage to clear out a space that fills around a square foot or more. Needless to say, there’s another, oh, 150 feet by 8 feet to clear out – a herculean effort at the least, a miracle at the most if it is all cleared away before baseball season starts in just over a month.

Either way, it’s expected to actually get above freezing tomorrow – which means a lot more thawing than we had today (it was only a few degrees below freezing, but thanks to the sun’s natural heat, the thawing happened).

Naturally though, this winter wouldn’t be complete without the threat of yet another storm – this time on Monday, possibly into Tuesday. Just so long as I can get out by 12:00 on Tuesday so that I can head out for my appointment with the job service I contacted today, I’ll be fine. 🙂

One of my favorite shows on Discovery (and one of the few shows that I’d be willing to get digital cable for if it only aired on the Science channel) is How it’s Made. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to hearing the voice of Brooks Moore giving the details of how the Québécois make the things we use in everyday life.

With a new season, though, comes a new voice – one that is very annoying. He’s got that “Listen to me, I’m an American” type of voice that tends to overhype everything and anything – in other words, he could work for ESPN’s SportsCenter and work out just fine. Apparently, he’s Zac Fine (according to Wikipedia), and he isn’t popular with the fans of the show.

All I can say is that hopefully, the Discovery Channel’s head honchos will come to their senses and bring back Brooks Moore and his more dulcet tones – along with, possibly, the more standard music. However, in any case – keep up the letterboxing. Unlike just about everyone else out there, I love it when shows are letterboxed – that means if we had proper systems to distribute programs, they’d be in widescreen. 😉