The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 28

Another week of photos of the world around me, with walking notes. πŸ™‚

Sunday, 27th January

Walking 27/1/08

Yes, this has to be the most prudent way to ride in groups with snowmobiles. Have the person whose headlight doesn’t work lead the pack. To think it was close to sunset as well, they should be glad they didn’t get into an accident. πŸ˜‰

Distance – 853 steps, 0.68km

Monday, 28th January

Walking 28/1/08

This engine was sitting on one of the “side” tracks nearby; it is destined to probably wind up in sunnier climes. However, it was painted in this area by a paint shop that is known for its work on locomotives (they even did some special paint jobs for the Union Pacific). πŸ™‚

Total distance – 1683 steps, 1.34km

Tuesday, 29th January

Walking 29/1/08

Definitely not walking conditions – what you’re seeing here is all the ice that was out on the driveway. There were a few semi-dry spots, but for the most part, there was a large part of the driveway that was solid ice – and not in a good way. This was stuff that even with boots on, you’d have absolutely no traction. Also, walking off of the ice was out of the question as it was all mud for the time being. The walk wasn’t much.

Distance – 196 steps, 0.15km

Wednesday, 30th January

Walking 30/1/08

I went a slightly different route to every other single day I’ve walked. I went in the opposite direction in search of Tuesday’s newspaper as it had flown away in the high winds we had that night. Believe it or not, snow actually did fall overnight, but you wouldn’t know it from the picture. In fact, you can see that the grass is still green, even though the temperature at the time I walked was somewhere around 0Β°F, with the wind making it feel a bit colder.

Total distance – 1191 steps, 0.95km

Thursday, 31st January

Walking 31/1/08

Another train shot, this time of one of the most interesting cars that you get to see around here. This is an articulated car carrier. I would assume that it carries a couple more cars than two regular car carriers. If you look at the photo full-size, you can see some specks in the photo – that’s snow/ice/something else that was falling overnight.

Distance – 917 steps, 0.73km

Friday, 1st February

Walking 1/2/08

I went volunteering for the day, and this is the shot out of the car as I was on the way down there (no, I wasn’t driving! πŸ˜‰ ). The walking was the walking around the office I did – which was actually quite a bit compared to the normal amount.

Total distance – 2751 steps, 2.20km

Saturday, 2nd February

No walk recorded.

In other news, I have started on the HMR therapy that I’ve discussed in the past. It is a really interesting method of therapy where you take a concept – say, anxiety about meeting people – and you feel where it is in you, then you visualize what it looks like, and actually destroy it using whatever method you’d like, and then replace it with a color or an image. Interestingly, in the session that we had, I wound up choosing the colors green, white and gold. Apparently those colors are important, but I’m not sure why they’re important. Yet. πŸ™‚

I have another appointment this week, and we’re going to continue the HMR, so it will be yet more of the experience. And when I say it is an experience, it really is. I could see the images I was talking about, visualizing myself acting out the actions I’d want to do, and seeing the colors and images I was putting in the place of the negative images. It is really interesting, and might be something for everyone to try out once.