The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 30

Another week with up and down weather. Despite the snow, it was mostly up, though spring inches ever closer by the week. 😉

Sunday, 10th February

Walking 10/2/08 A   Walking 10/2/08 B   Walking 10/2/08 C

So, what does the snowmobiler have to do with the other pictures? Well, he was the only one that could actually get anywhere. As you can plainly see, there was a huge snowbank in the middle of the driveway – add in to that the fact that the temperature was ranging around -5°F (probably a few degrees higher, but I’m not sure) with winds, it made it a hard time to walk around. I got down to the bank and came back.

Distance – 743 steps, 0.59km

Monday, 11th February

Walking 11/2/08

What’s the story with this picture? Well, this is what happens when you get a car stuck – someone has to do a lot of work to get it unstuck. Fortunately, I did manage to get it unstuck. If you look at the full-size picture, you’ll see the flattened area between the tyre tracks – that’s where the car was scraping along the ground, which was the primary cause of it getting stuck, as far as I can tell. I was quite tuckered out after digging out and didn’t go back out later in the day to walk, at least with the pedometer on.

Tuesday, 12th February

Walking 12/2/08

More snow fell, but this time it was only around an inch or so – heck, not even enough to bother mentioning on the news. Oh wait, this is TV news, so it was the top story. 😉

Distance – 639 steps, 0.57km

Wednesday, 13th February

Walking 13/2/08

It wasn’t really until after the Tuesday snowfall that the pack started to form on the roads. This is because of the towns and cities running critically low in their supplies of salt. However, the road isn’t that slippery to walk on because of all the cars and trucks that have solidified the pack.

Total distance – 1480 steps, 1.18km

Thursday, 14th February

Walking 14/2/08

What happens when you run out of salt? See that brown line in the snow? There’s your answer – you replace the salt with sand. While it doesn’t have the melting capabilities of salt, it is a good source of creating some basic traction on the road. Fortunately, the amount of snow that fell was only about 1/2 inch or so – a mere pittance compared to what fell elsewhere in the state.

Distance – 823 steps, 0.65km

Friday, 15th February

Walking 15/2/08

Here’s a great shot of the packed snow that formed on the road after the latest fall. You can’t see any of the road, and it was a bit of a crapshoot to figure out where you were on the road – keeping right was a good idea in any case. I didn’t do the regular walk as I went volunteering.

Total distance – 3018 steps, 2.41km

Saturday, 16th February

Walking 16/2/08 A   Walking 16/2/08 B   Walking 16/2/08 C

Once again, I take a look at some of the antics of snowmobilers who don’t quite know where the trail is. Obviously, the side of the hill is not on the trail, but it doesn’t stop them. The last shot was taken a bit later when I went on another excursion down the driveway. This time, the only snow that is there is what fell overnight on Thursday. Unfortunately, there was still a layer of ice under it – and it will be playing a role my world the next couple of days again. The distance walked includes some walking in the grocery store, just so you know. 🙂

Total distance – 3476 steps, 2.78km

In other news, I had a couple more sessions of the HMR therapy with trying to handle the fear of the unknown. So far, I think it’s working, as I haven’t had that fear as much (or really the other stuff we handled in the past), but I know that I’ll probably be relying upon that in the near future. Really, what it will take is having some more real world experience with regards to the things that have been worked on.

An interesting thing happened to me on Friday when I was over at the DMV (no I’m not in trouble, I was not the reason that we were over there – there was a renewal that needed to be handled). I caught up with a friend from high school who I’ve seen around at doctors’ offices because she works as a Medical Assistant. I told her about getting my license, and I have to say that I kinda feel cool when I mention it to people, because as I mention it, I then mention the car by showing the key and keyfob for the remote unlock.

If there is any one major change that I think I’ve noticed through all of this so far is that I’m more willing to actually talk to people, because as we were sitting there waiting for the number to be called, I heard some discussions about a driving test, and spotted what was obviously an under-18s Learner’s license, and I opened my mouth and said, “Ah, got your license?” – I wasn’t prompted to engage conversation, but I did anyway.

I think I’m allowing myself to be more open than in the past, and that is something that I think is really cool. 🙂

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  1. Great winter shots. I have not lived in a cold winter for many years. I remember those hard packed roads from my time visiting Alaska. Today was 38 degrees and sunny. We went to the cricket at Adelaide Oval yesterday. A world away from your cold winter.

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