What should I buy first?

I’m thinking a new cellphone battery, but I can deal with charging my phone regularly; anyway – I have a car charger, and one that plugs into the wall as well. But how can I buy stuff?

I got a call on said cellphone today, when I was at, of all the places in the world, the grocery store. It was the staffing company I talked about on Tuesday letting me know how it all shook out with regards to the job I had applied to just last Saturday.

I got the job, and I start on Monday!

Admittedly, this has to be one of the best days I’ve had in a long time – after waiting all day for them to call me back, I was starting to get a little concerned, but I then went along with my day, and right there in the cereal aisle, across from the oatmeal and pancake mixes, I heard the familiar ringtone (which is just the sound of a phone ringing – no fancy schmancy polyphonic tones for me, thanks!) and looking at the number on the display, I knew who it was.

I answered, and it was who I had been expecting to hear from all day today.

I think this is one of those moments to have a discussion about things that are useful to have around – such as someone who has a pen andΒ  conveniently placed post-it notepad available for you. Yeah, I wound up taking notes on the job on a piece of post-it note, right in the section where the Quaker rice chips are sold.

When I got off of the phone, I think anyone in the store around me might have thought I had just gotten a root organized or something cos I had this really huge smile on my face, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t hovering a couple of inches off of the ground. πŸ™‚

It’s been a long time, but it will definitely be nice to work to make some money. πŸ˜‰

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