Another new scamming tactic

I was checking the mail in one of the mailboxes I used for getting in touch with scammers in the past, and there was an interesting mail in the box, alongside the seemingly endless stream of emails from yahoo detecting unusual activity (I’m not sure what activity they’re talking about since the only thing that the email account is used for is receiving mail).

Anyway, the mail that I received was sent by a scammer, which isn’t unusual in itself, but the manner in which they sent it is a first for me – they used Google Calendar to send their scam letter. By no means is this unprecedented – for a while they were (and still continue to use) a mailer from Yahoo which will tell people that you have a new email address. Simply whack the scam email into the body and you’re set.

What makes these mails unique is the fact that they’re actually invitations to attend an “event” – in this case “URGENT PARTNERSHIP NEEDED” – which was held today according to the clocks in Ouagadougou. If you wished, you could go ahead and RSVP to the event, though the scammer is always more interested in your reply to their account (even though the mail was asking for replies to go to a Gmail account…)

The only thing that I can think of in response to something like that is that I hope that these providers of services might consider reducing the allowable characters in their message fields – that way scammers would be less willing to use these systems (though they’d just find different ways around it anyways….so it might not make a difference anyway).

On a more interesting note, I was just taking a look at the mails from the scammers, and this one caught my eye – I can’t say that I feel sorry for him; I’d bet he made up the story as well…

Dearest one

How are you and your work, hope fine?….. I know you might been especting to hear from me for all this while. Please pardon me for i have a problem that lead me to prison since january 6th.

Very early in the moning that very day, i was warming my car and all of a surden, my car went ablaze before the fire bregade can take control, the building were i was living and three other naighbours buildings burnt down immediately.

Since that day i am in the prison and just yesteday my lawyer bailed me out. Infact, i’m still on tension and confused i don’t know what to do weather to run out of the country or to stay and face the case but the isure at stake is that i have exusted the little money that i have in the bank

My dear, i want you to undestand that i still love you even if i have not meet you face to face. When i was in the prison i use to dream of you but when i wake up and find out i was in the prison i began to pray that God should protect you till when i will be out.

Dailing, i want you to assist me with some money no matter how small it is so that i can be feeding for the main time.

Thanks and hoping to hear from you soonest
Yours in hearth

In his mail before this, he mentioned trying to get down to the African Cup of Nations…I guess that didn’t happen? 😉