Creative solutions to Creative problems

This might not be a situation everyone’s faced in the past, but mabye I’m wrong, because this sounds like something that a college student would do in a pinch. πŸ˜‰

I had a hankering after I got home from work for a warm drink – it’s too late for coffee, and my throat was a bit scratchy, so I felt like making some tea. However, there is a slight problem with heating up the kettle at night – I don’t want to wake anyone up with the whistling of the kettle when the water hit the boil. So, what is one to do?

Take advantage of the things you already have around. In my case, I have a small 4-cup 2-cup coffee maker (which really makes only one cup of coffee, but that’s just because I use a large cup πŸ˜‰ ). I still use it for the occasional cup of coffee, but of course, since it works by heating the water before sending it into the filter to percolate; remove the filter and you have a simple water heater that gets the water hot enough to steep tea.

It’s not difficult to figure out where to put it, since it makes almost no noise (other than the standard noises you have from a coffee maker when it’s almost done percolating), I don’t have to worry as much. However, for my convenience (and to reduce noise further), I took it out by where my office area is, and plugged it into a spare plug. I also took some sugar out for the tea, and put it into one of those convenient containers that holds about 1/2 cup of contents.

In the end, it all turned out well; the tea steeped fine, and it tasted quite good as a break from just drinking straight water most of the time, then again, so is drinking coffee. πŸ˜‰

And, as another test of the offline blogging software, here’s a test of uploading a picture to the blog from the program…

Coffee/Tea Maker