Dear PC Magazine,

I read with great interest your article referencing the dream PC of the “future”, 2005 to be specific, (Trends, August 1995) with your crazy projections of 100 gigs of storage, a gig of memory, and the truly zany 10 Ghz processor speed, weeks of battery longevity and a 100 megapixel screen. Oh, and 4 ounces? I really don’t think so, even though the MacBook air comes closer than any other full-featured computer yet.

Sadly, your prediction of a PC running on something called photonics hasn’t panned out yet, but you did appear to be right on about 6X CD-ROM drives being nothing more than a fad, and they found a better name for those 5GB Super Compact Disk you mentioned in your article – DVD; the 10 gig version is called a double-layer DVD. Fully rewritable CD- and DVD-RW discs still haven’t been perfected either, but with as cheap as DVDs are, I don’t think there’s a worry about needing to be able to rewrite a disc.

I did derive great joy over the letters you have chosen to publish in relation to the story you ran about hot web sites of the time. I’m slightly disappointed that you never did follow Nicholas Duffy’s suggestion of the 100 hottest FTP sites (or, for that matter, 100 hottest IRC servers, 100 hottest Gopher servers, etc.).

My favorite letter, though, is this one, exalting the virtues of the list and its availability –

What a superb report on the Web. Not only did you provide a great collection of excellent Web sites, but you also made the list available in Hypertext Markup Language on your home page. This is the sort of thing that makes the Web and PC Magazine great.

Dave Meyer, via PC MagNet

One of the best things about reading through your magazine back in the days when I was a 12-year-old (11 at the time of this particular issue’s publishing) was going through the classified listings in the back of the book. While the solicitations to purchase barcode machines and toner for $45 are wonderful, you must have loved selling those ads for the adult lines and BBSs. I think this sentence will justify your joy in selling these ads – Adult pages – 3.75, Security – 1.25.

I wonder how many people called Erotica East, based in Hong Kong, to get access to Adult GIFs, Hot Chat, and other “FREE” services, only to get a lovely $500 phone bill for that international calling? Also, I tried to call the 800 numbers in the adult section, and none of them worked, except for one which asked me to make a collect call-back…

That’s led me to trying out other telephone numbers…I gotta say that some creative marketers have taken advantage of some simple to remember words after the 1-800.

Oh, and did I mention those new 800 area codes – 888, 877, 866 and 855? 😉

Anyway, I hope you keep up the good work, and I just looked and your home page is still quite organized.

via the Internet