Deer don’t faze me

It’s not surprising that there is the occasional deer around in the area – in fact, I’ve posted pictures of them before. However, one of the biggest dangers out there on our roads is the high number of deer that go running around at will – and they have the right to, since they were here before we were, and to be honest, we’re encroaching quite heavily on their habitat. However, the strange thing is that since I drive every night in the dark, I’ve seen deer at least 4 times now – and they’ve always been in the same spot – which is good and bad for a couple of reasons.

It’s good because I then expect to see them there, however, it is bad because I’ve gotten kinda paranoid about it, so I go really slow through there now, which could mess things up for other traffic. That is, if there was other traffic on this road – I think I’ve only encountered one or two cars the whole time I’ve driven on that road (it’s not the most frequently travelled road, since it’s a mile to the east of a main road, and cut off at the freeway).

I know folks in Australia have to constantly be on the lookout for the different animals that are out there, and I gotta say that even though I know the damage deer can do to a car (thanks to having heard tons and tons of car v deer accidents on the radio), the though of hitting a kangaroo is one of those things that I would not want to experience when I go over there. 😉

One last little riddle for y’all, which I don’t expect an answer for. I’ve been listening to radio broadcasts from World War II, and as a lot of you may know, the whole nation observed Daylight Saving Time year-round during the war. However, instead of referring to it as "Eastern Daylight Time", it was referred to as "Eastern War Time". What I’m curious about is why they chose to call it war time and not daylight time…