I have an interesting little tick

This is something that I’ve learnt over the last day or two since I’ve been writing things down more in a notebook (hopefully, you’ll see what I’ve been working on in future posts). I’ve done some doodling while doing my job (don’t worry, everyone does stuff like that while working where I work, so I won’t get in trouble 😉 ), however if I’m writing anything, my whole concentration can go off.

The result is usually that my writing will slow way down to one letter at a time, or I’ll just stop writing for a moment or two to regain focus on the main task.

I don’t know if this is a trait that is common, but the reality is that it surprised me that this happens to me. However, I can see why it’s not surprising that this is happening. If I had to guess, the reason that it happens is that my mind is telling me "Hey! Pick a task here – either job or writing!" It’s the first time that I can think of that my multitasking capabilities have kinda faltered.

Does anyone else notice this happen to them when they’re trying to combine talking and writing? I’m guessing that it is something specific to the mixing of these two activities, since I’m fine with moving around while talking, and even walking while talking and the famous walk and chew gum at the same time.

2 thoughts on “I have an interesting little tick

  1. My own thoughts tend to race ahead of what I am writing down so I can easily get sidetracked from note taking. Maybe you should be trying to work out where your mind is going when your writing slows down? You stop work for a while to do something you may enjoy more and find more relaxing so your mind and body respond by actually relaxing and taking a break? In that case it is probably not a bad thing 🙂

  2. It’s a little different but sometime I will be reading and I realize after 10 minutes that I am reading the words but not really processing what they mean. Sadly I have to start over!

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