Snow, along with macro Salmon

The never ending winter seems to have given itself an extension today, with one last hit of snow getting us on Good Friday. In fact, it pretty much rounds out the whole Lent season perfectly – fish fries were cancelled or postponed on Ash Wednesday, and the same thing happened today; though the one that has to be the largest on Good Friday, if not all year round (sorry, Tennessee, I think a proper fish fry is only held on Wednesdays and/or Fridays, not a week-long event, but if you’re certifiably larger, then so be it 😉 ), was open to serve their two tons of fish.

Out here in the ‘burbs, the big story was that nearly every church didn’t have their services today, along with the fact that over 10 inches of the white stuff fell today, which, officially at the airport (which was closed, stranding hundreds of Easter travellers), makes this the second-snowiest winter on record (even though it is technically Spring, in both meteorological and astronomical terms, the snow season runs from July 1-June 30), with at least 94.3 inches (239.5cm) of snow falling in the official gauges.

In a bit of a change, I went out and did quite a bit of shoveling of the snow – usually we’d let our semi-contracted plow handle all of it, but since the cars are now on the other side of the house, we really don’t want them to get plowed in. Plus, I suspect that with less of the driveway having to be plowed, it might save us some money on the bill, if they come by. The first time I did some shoveling, I took the camera along with me, and snapped this picture looking back toward the door at how much snow there was –

Shoveled path

Of course, since this is Good Friday, this is the one day that we absolutely do not eat meat (though apparently eggs are OK), so dinner was going to be a fish fry benefitting the local fire department, but that’s been postponed to next week. As I had mentioned on the Aussie Blogger Forums, the alternate would be baked salmon, and that is exactly what we did for our dinner tonight. This is part of the same salmon that has been sitting in the freezer for a while now, when we bought a whole darn thing for $1.99/pound at the grocery store, but it was still in decent shape. The seasoning was simple – a fish seasoning that we bought from the store a long time ago, Szeged brand seasoning, with Hungarian paprika in it.

I let the salmon sit for about a half hour while I went out and did quite a bit more shoveling; ducking when my mom came out with her still camera to take shots of the snow (that plan worked perfectly btw 😉 ), then put it in the oven at 375°F (190°C) for about 15 minutes, along with some asparagus that was seasoned with olive oil, garlic, black pepper, kosher salt, thyme and basil. I also chucked a couple of potatoes into the microwave to warm up for baked potatoes (btw a great hint on those potatoes is that you can buy the ones that heat up in a bag, and they work perfectly; they’re more than regular baking potatoes, but the convenience paid off).

While waiting for the stuff to cool a bit, I had my camera by me, and did some experimentation with the macro feature; it’s a function that I didn’t really understand until last year, but I’ve learnt how to get great results from that now. Here’s what the salmon looked like in macro –


And here’s the asparagus, also in macro mode. These pix were all taken using an F-setting of 3.2, that’s why you see the blurring in the immediate foreground and background. 🙂


I’ll have some more pictures of the snow on Sunday; I might also take some pix while out tomorrow, if I get the chance, to show what more of the area looks like covered once more in snow. 😉

One last thing, this is another experiment of using an offline blog editor; let’s see how it handles the picture uploading…