The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 32

Admittedly, I didn’t take that many pictures this week – mostly because it was all the same – ice, ice, baby. However, I did get a bit of the stuff cleared away on Sunday and Monday, and a bit more of it gone today. In fact, I just popped my head outside (where it’s well above freezing – 52°F (11°C), with some wind and rain to help), and a bit more ice has gone away, but it will refreeze overnight. Ah well…

Sunday, 24th February

Walking 24/2/08

OMG! What is that? Could it be…the driveway? It is! That was the result of about two hours of labor with the icepick and a shovel. I had the pedometer on when I was doing this, so that might explain the distance for the whole walk…I did a lot of shaking

Distance – 2838 steps, 2.27km

Monday, 25th February

Walking 25/2/08

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a shot of this same area when it was all covered in ice. Here is what it looks like without ice. Well, not totally cos you can see the buildup of the scrapings off to the edge, along with the still stuck stuff in the foreground (the ice there was about 3 inches deep).

Distance – 763 steps, 0.61km

Tuesday, 26th February

And thus begins a bit of a photo blackout – this was the day I went for the paper-filling out and interview at the staffing agency, so I didn’t put in a proper walk, other than climbing up the stairs at the center that they’re located in – it’s a cool little place, with a Chinese restaurant literally next door. Though, I’m not too sure if I’d want to buy their buffet – it looked like a grocery store salad bar…not too impressive.

Wednesday, 27th February

I didn’t bring the camera along with me, mainly because I was making sure that I didn’t fall on my rear – there is one particular spot on the driveway that is really built up with ice the full way across the driveway. It’s not a coincidence that it’s right under the gutter downspout. I’d also do a bit of chipping (even though that was quite futile since the temps had fallen below freezing once again) at the ice while walking.

Distance – 1496 steps, 1.19km

Thursday, 28th February

No pictures again, but this time I did quite a bit of chipping, especially at the far end of the driveway (by the road) – solar heating can do really good when the blacktop is clear of ice and snow to let it warm up. I also cleared a hole in the driveway where the ice was approximately 2-3 inches deep (it was at the edge of the driveway, so the car didn’t suddenly fall into the hole and act like it was a pothole…

Distance – 2290 steps, 1.83km

Friday, 29th February

Walking 29/2/08

It just wouldn’t be a week around here without some more snow falling, now would it? As it turned out, we wound up getting the most snow in the area – even though we weren’t forecast to…that’s them weatherguessers for ya… Anyway, the two wide tracks are from a car going out of the driveway in the morning, and obviously the steps are from me walking to the end of the driveway. At least with the snow there, you had some traction over the ice…

Distance – 780 steps, 0.62km

Saturday, 1st March

No pic again, but I did do a little bit of walking, though the pedometer was only on for a walk in the store. The weather was actually nice though, but it’s always nice to be able to just stick around in the house, yano? 🙂

Distance – 1648 steps, 1.31km

In other news, if you hadn’t heard already, I have a job! I start tomorrow, and the drive in might be interesting because of the weather. Fortunately, I took some time today to take a drive down to where I’ll be working, and it’s dead simple to get to. In fact, I’ve been past there many, many times, and even attended a place in that area about potentially getting a job (which was one of those dodgy financial planning, become-your-own-office-manager deals; I wasn’t terribly interested when I was told that I basically had to pay to play for that one). No matter what the media in the area say about the privacy invasion of Google Street View, I have to say that it’s quite useful to get your bearings of what an area looks like from the ground.

Even though I’ll be working, I’m going to continue my appointments with my therapist, but I have to reschedule since they now conflict directly with my job. It shouldn’t be a big deal though, because I have mornings and early afternoons free still. I also have to make some adjustments to my meals – with lunch almost becoming the main meal of the day and dinner becoming kind of a late-night snack. The good (and, admittedly, bad) thing about where I’m working is that, on my route there, I pass 2 and a half grocery stores (the Wal-Mart has a food section, but not a full grocery store), plus just about any fast food, including a couple of Subways, a Quiznos and a Macca’s. Though I think I’ll still be having 95% of my meals home cooked. 😉