The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 33

The first week in a new job, and the ice is still making things annoying, but the good news is that there is less and less of it around, and I foresee longer walks starting again very soon. πŸ™‚

Sunday, 2nd March

Walking 2/3/08

There wasn’t a recorded walk held, but I did have a chance to take some pictures at sunrise. Luckily, the sun was actually able to come out at sunrise (7.10AM at the time of this picture). The only problem, of course, is that with clear skies and snow on the ground come slightly cooler temps in the morning. Ah well πŸ˜‰

Monday, 3rd March

Walking 3/3/08

Just to make some reference to the size of the hole cleared here, the scraper at left is only 7 inches wide. The hole isn’t much bigger, but of course, the more spaces you have to allow air in, the more chance the ice has to melt away.

Distance – 1245 steps, 0.99km

Tuesday, 4th March

This was the first of the days that I counted steps while working, so no picture. Also, again, the ice was causing headaches with walking outside…

Distance – 1109 steps, 0.88km

Wednesday, 5th March

Again, I counted steps at work, and no picture (unless you wanted to see what a new gas station looks like…or a store almost completed, with a comparison shot of what it looked like at Christmas).

Distance – 1022 steps, 0.81km

Thursday, 6th March

The news of the day was dominated by a retirement speech, and I did take pictures of all the TV stations covering it, but didn’t take any photos of my walk, which involved some ice clearing (though that was quite futile again).

Distance – 1190 steps, 0.95km

Friday, 7th March

Walking 7/3/08

This be the fruits of my labors – however, I didn’t quite clear the ice away, which made things slightly harder when I went out to do some more clearing over the weekend. The good news, though, is that the ice is clearing away finally, and I foresee the end of the ice quite soon. πŸ˜‰

Distance – 1540 steps, 1.23km

Saturday, 8th March

The walking was done around a newly opened store, where I picked up something that I’m going to be having some fun with on my walks when the paths clear in the park – a Frisbee. They were being given away by a radio station doing a promotion. However, since it was a newly-opened store, it was packed with people to the gills…I bet they’re not that packed now πŸ˜‰

Distance – 6060 steps, 4.84km

In other news, it was the first week of my new job, which meant that I’ve had to shuffle my schedule quite a bit – and I’m still getting the feel of my new routines. You’d think that I’d be eating pretty lousily because of this new schedule, but I only had true fast food one day – Monday, when I stopped at McDonald’s – I also stopped to pick up a mini sub (just cold cuts) on Thursday, and a bagel sandwich on Tuesday.

I have another check-in with my doctor at the clinic this week, mostly to just check up on how I’m doing with my meds, and to check how I’m going with everything else. Then, I have a meeting with my therapist for the rest of that hour (because it was convenient to fit into her schedule). We’ll sort out a new schedule for appointments then.

As far as my job is going, I touched on this yesterday, it’s going quite well; sure, there are a lot of refusals and hang-ups, but for the most part everyone’s quite polite about everything – even the refusals, when they just say no thanks and I say thank you for your time. The good news is that I get paid weekly now. Yay! πŸ˜‰

I also wanted to mention that I’m setting a goal for myself this week – to take a decent length walk – to the entrance of the park – in order to get myself ready for the spring and summer. The priority for the work around the yard this week though is to get the ice cleared from the driveway, a project which will be assisted by temperatures going well above freezing. πŸ™‚