The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 34

It’s daylight saving finally, and with warmer weather, that means it’s time for the ice to go away, so I knew that if I had the pedometer on for that, it’d blow out the counting to junk – my choice was to count at work, with the exception of Sunday and Saturday, when I walked or worked, but didn’t put it on, and Friday when I actually did go out and, shock! take a picture! What I’ll do, for the sake of brevity, is to just list dates and distances 😉

Monday, 10th March – 1288 steps, 1.03km

Tuesday, 11th March – 1867 steps, 1.49km

Wednesday, 12th March – 1856 steps, 1.48km

Thursday, 13th March – 1775 steps, 1.42km

Friday, 15th March

Walking 14/3/08

The sun sets over what snow is remaining out in the grass. Thankfully, all of the snow didn’t melt in one day, otherwise that would have caused massive flooding problems. The walk was shorter than I would have expected. I could use the fact I was wearing boots as an excuse, but really, I just need to recondition to walking longer again

Distance – 1559 steps, 1.24km

In other news, I had my appointments on Wednesday, and they went well, with me getting another supply of medicine. Also, I have my next appointments scheduled with my therapist, including a Thursday 9AM appointment (next Thursday, not this week). While I didn’t meet the goal I set for myself last week, I’m going to try for two longer walks during the week. Even though the forecasts don’t say it, the average temperature is slowly rising through the 40s. However, the possibility of rain, freezing rain (even though the temperature isn’t expected to drop below freezing 😐 ), and snow tomorrow might just make things interesting (not only for walking, but also for going to work!) for me.