The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 35

Yet another week goes along, and I went out for a more proper walk finally, for the first time in a few months. I also have some different pics from the days when I only counted work steps.

Sunday, 16th March


A look at some of the snow that was still left – the piles were getting smaller…

Distance – 504 steps, 0.40km

Monday, 17th March

There was some green on St. Pat’s day – the green of a trash truck stopped by a cop at the side of the road. Quite a strange occurrence indeed. The walking was at work, just so ya know. 😉

Distance – 2589 steps, 2.07km

Tuesday, 18th March

Believe it or not, the scene that is beyond this vehicle’s front bumper (it could move because the right turn lane had nobody in it, even though the light was red) was empty not that many years ago. In fact, if you were to look at a satellite picture from about 3 years ago, most of the development you see there wasn’t there.

Distance – 2073 steps, 1.65km

Wednesday, 19th March

My pup looks towards something in the distance; you can never be so sure what a dog is looking at.

Distance – 1816 steps, 1.45km

Thursday, 20th March

Apparently someone got sick of “Sweet Home Alabama” and threw their Skynard disc to the side of the road…

Distances – Before Work: 2134 steps, 1.70km; After: 3817 steps, 3.05km

Friday, 21st March

Just as a sign of how quickly the snow was falling, I had cleaned part of that path further up the driveway, but the snow had already filled in to that portion. In the end, it did wind up being in excess of 12 inches.

Distance (including shoveling) – 1867 steps, 1.49km

Saturday, 22nd March

Just to get a gauge of how much snow actually fell, this is what the roof of one of the cars looked like in the morning, before the sun got a chance to melt away a lot of the snow. If I had to guess, it had to be around 15 inches there. The walking was done when I went out to run some errands – including buying new windshield wipers for the car since the ones that came with it kinda fell apart partially. It didn’t hurt either that I wound up parking pretty far back from the store 😉

Distance – 4039 steps, 3.23km

In other news, it’s been a relatively quiet week, especially with the snow falling on Friday. However, thanks to the power of the March sun (and higher temperatures in spring), a lot of the accumulation has gone away already. My job is going quite well, and thankfully the post office got their act together so I’m not doing a ton of running tomorrow. 😉

This week, I’m hoping that the weather will stay clear enough to get a couple of proper walks in again. 🙂