The Week in Walks, etc. Vol 36

I’ve delayed this a week, so let’s get to it. I skipped one day’s walk, and as I had mentioned on Saturday, didn’t have the pedometer, but did quite a bit of walking anyway. 😉

Monday, 24th March

Walking 24/3/08

Ah, yes, the snow was back, and this was about the last you’ll see (hopefully) of the white stuff in mass quantities for a few months. 😉

Distance – 2718 steps, 2.17km

Tuesday, 25th March

Walking 25/3/08

Hard to believe, but this picture was taken a mere 24 hours after the last one was – that is definitely the power of the March sun at work.

Distance – 687 steps, 0.54km (plus extra from before the pedometer reset thanks to me hitting the button on the desk at work)

Wednesday, 26th March

Walking 26/3/08

Another day goes by, and this time the masses of water that were crossing the driveway have gone away, due to the ground absorbing the water that came from all the snow that melted the day before.

Distance – 2733 steps, 2.18km

Thursday, 27th March

Walking 27/3/08

A pretty awesome shot, if you ask me – this is a 1:1 crop of a picture of some Canada Geese (I believe) flying in the sky, making their noise as they go along. Usually my bird shots come out blurry, but this time they were close enough to get a good shot. 🙂

Distance – 2661 steps, 2.12km

Friday, 28th March

Walking 28/3/08 A Walking 28/3/08 B

Two shots of the sunrise on Friday morning – one is from a more open area, and the second is while I was sitting stopped at a stoplight in a built up area. I almost had a complete sunrise/sunset compilation, but I realized that it’d hard to get a decent picture of a sunset through a glass door. 😉

Distance – 4940 steps, 3.95km

Saturday, 29th March

Walking 29/3/08

While I didn’t have the pedometer on, I think this shot is quite fitting for the day’s walking – the ingredient list from my risotto adventure. Alongside my notebook is the lemon that was used for grating into the dish at the end.

In other news, I’m really liking my job – although it can be hard to come to the final most desired outcome, it’s enjoyable being able to talk to so many different people in such a wide area of the country. For me, this is really a big change from when I’d be absolutely afraid about answering the phone when I was even a couple of years younger. It would even be rarer for me to take the initiative to pick up the receiver and make a phone call on my own.

It’s also quite amazing how much I’ve changed in the last nine months since I started on this journey. If you would have asked me a year ago about where I would have seen myself by opening day 2008, I’d have probably said in the same place. Yet, here I am, driving (in my own car) to work, socializing with people at work, and really, enjoying life. Now, my challenge is to get myself back into the walking habit – as it is finally going to warm up (double digits by the end of the week!). Really, I just have to force myself to do it – put walk onto the to-do list for the day, and make sure that it gets done.

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